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Dollar Tree yard decor (plus one fix-it-up project)

Yard decorations can be expensive and since they take a pounding outdoors from the elements they don’t always last. So over recent years – with most this year – I’ve picked up several cute seasonal decorations from Dollar Tree. Please don’t think they will have these particular items if you go to a Dollar Tree – their stock varies and things they have one year they might never have again. I got lucky I expect.

The earliest pieces I got faded in the sun so I’ve hit upon a way to make them last longer. I touched up the paint myself on two and followed that up with a coat of clear gloss spray paint. It seemed worth a try and this year when I bought a few new pieces I sprayed the clear gloss immediately.

I touched up the paint on these two after it faded.




Here they are in context today.


ASIDE: This isn’t a Dollar Tree thing but since I showed you the shed picture, I want to share a recent project, the little shelves on the door. They were on the curb, headed for the landfill. I didn’t need metal bathroom shelves but they were solidly built and I thought maybe I could do something with them.


Hum-drum right?

A little paint later…


All I did was get a few clay pots I wasn’t using and voilà! Art!

Back to our Dollar Tree program. Also in the shed door photo was this wonderful sun image (in the pot on the ground in the lower right corner). I moved it there because it got “lost” in other locations; but with the white background it shows up.




Isn’t this great? That’s real glass. I sprayed all of the bird with clear gloss


Out of the corner of my eye – and from a little distance – sometimes I think I’m seeing a real bird – especially when I hung it by the bird feeder


I always like spinners in OTHER people’s yards – it was high time I had one.


I was so smitten I went back for another. (Maybe I can paint them when they invariably fade…)



I got two of the flower chime thingees but they were only painted on one side which looked stupid when they spun in the breeze…

…So I painted the “plain” sides myself using random colors I had. I didn’t worry about a “perfect” job for these. Nobody will see them closeup.




Can you tell I like sun imagery?!

think* that’s everything.

(p.s. I’m having internet issues so if I don’t respond in a timely way, that is why. Not because I don’t love you.)

Short Thought 186 (Dollar Tree)

Maybe I go to Dollar Tree too much a lot.

I was in a Ross Dress store this week when a random woman in the kitchen gadgets aisle said that she was looking for plastic fruit and thought she’d seen it previously in Ross. Well, I didn’t know about any plastic fruit in Ross but I could tell her Dollar Tree had plastic fruit like limes and lemons. Not only could I tell her that Dollar Tree had them but I knew what aisle she could find them in (the one with the bags of rocks for sale).

For the record I have never purchased the plastic fruit at Dollar Tree. I merely admire them.

Making my bedroom a cheerful sanctuary

My bedroom has been evolving (no, not revolving) over a period of years. While I was good at decorating other parts of the home, I seemed blocked on my room (compounded by the fact I didn’t want to spend money). That all changed when I found this Target (I think it’s Target, because when I say “found” I mean literally) lamp several years ago.


BAM! This lamp “spoke” to me

I remember how excited I was as I carried the lamp home. Suddenly I had vision for my room. Now I’m not religious, not whatsoever, but it did feel like the skies opened and dropped this wondrous lamp in my path. Am I waxing too poetic for you? I shall wax philosophical instead. For me, my home and immediate environment are reflections or manifestations of me; how I feel about myself, how I see myself, and importantly, what I think – in my realest self – I deserve. Well HOT DAMN, I deserved, warranted, and wanted this beautiful lamp. About f’ing time too.

The lamp gave me focus. Prior to this, I felt my room was kind of shabby and mishmash. The Shabby and Mishmash Collection will NOT be featured at Bed Bath & Beyond or Linens n Things or any other fussy home store any time soon. As I say it lacked focus and moreover, when I looked at it objectively I saw it befitted a teenager or maybe young adult, someone just starting out. I am not just starting out. Not even close. I saw that my room featured things the teenage me might have appreciated (and didn’t have then). What it has become I think is whimsical adult.

No sooner than I found this lamp, I went to a yard sale that had cans of paint, one of which exactly matched the lime green of the base. For a quarter. In addition to the lamp colors, I added little touches of orange aided by a can of orange paint also at the yard sale (although I eventually decided a little orange goes a long way and dialed it back). Shades of blues and greens are my favorite colors, so there were lots of possibilities, no need to be too matchy-matchy or even to get everything immediately. A few things took time. Getting focus was the important part.

For the BIG job I painted the walls two tones of green, honestly, because I used free paint and wasn’t sure I had enough of one color! I love the two-tone; it’s polished and grownup but still fun.

Vanbytheriver recently wrote about the complications of modern bedding. I too have been befuddled by bed accoutrements. I’ve only, here in middle age, learned what some of these items are and do, largely thanks to the education I get perusing Amazon.

Okay. Duvet cover. First I had to grasp that duvet is a fancy name for a comforter. Why would it need its own cover then? It’s easier to take off and wash – theoretically – than to wash a bulky, cumbersome comforter duvet. If you never wash your comforter/duvet, I guess this isn’t your problem. Also, a duvet cover let’s you switch up the look of your room, seasonally or whatever, if that’s your thing. My comforter did not go with the color theme(s) so I used an off-white blanket on top of it for a couple years. That was okay but lacked any pizzazz.

I was stymied because the duvet covers or comforters I liked cost way too much. Not gonna happen! My criteria while shopping Amazon were no flowers or floral design, colorful, goes with “my” colors, and inexpensive. (The covers I loved featured large, blue and green color blocks or big circles/dots. They were pricey.)

I finally found something last month, featuring blue, white, and lime green – for $10! Yay! Decent quality too, made for Macy’s. It was coming together. In the fall I treated myself to the lime blanket from Ross for about $11. I love it.


I previously posted how I made my own headboard. I’ve followed that up with changing the accompanying artwork. Well, as seen above, I swapped pictures yet again because I thought the strong duvet cover needed strong art. One thing I find is that just changing or tweaking what you already have is often a solution to a decorating problem. In this case I swapped picture frames, not just pictures. The picture seen above is now in the black frame (whose 4 plastic side pieces I turned backward for a better effect), and the other picture is now in the light green wood frame.


Then I decided to switch up my  corner again, adding the green frame picture.



So the square picture came over to the other side. (Here you also see the scarf added to the headboard too; I thought it went well with the new duvet cover).


Finally, to give you a more comprehensive look at the space, I give you the opposite wall (photographed in panorama) which I’m really proud of, and which delights me daily. The curtain (a $6 Kate Spade fabric shower curtain from Ross that I sewed a 1 foot addition to so it’d reach the floor) covers the puny closet. Two shelves over the two doorways hold storage. The green fabric bins came from Dollar Tree. The “blue dots” on the middle shelf also came from Dollar Tree.

Art is whatever you think it is. Here the round Native American drum came from a package of fish given to me as a gift (the fish is looong gone but it was tasty). The picture on the left was a greeting card “woman on the beach” that I bought in the nineties because I loved it. I FINALLY framed it (both small white frames were giveaways). The little vases are almost all yard sale & thrift store finds. For covering shallow storage shelves I made, I found the orange curtain – which I think may be a sarong – for $2 at a rummage sale in November. I figure if I ever want to wear it I’ll just borrow it from the wall!


Making earrings to go with necklaces

This is a little project I undertook earlier in the winter. Like a lot of women I have a variety of necklaces. In my case they are all inexpensive “costume” pieces, almost all secondhand,  with a few unusual vintage costume ones. However I find that I don’t wear some of the jewelry even though I like them very much because no earrings match. So they just sit there.

I got an idea to make earrings from the necklaces themselves. I posted my first one hereThis can be done with a pair of pliers and a packet of ear wires that you can buy online or from a craft store. In some cases I made earrings using only parts from the necklace ( you’ll see they’re not missed) and in others I added beads or other parts I have in my craft supplies.


This is the first one I posted last November











I maintain that women don’t wear their jewelry when they can’t find it or see it. I’m no different. I hang all my necklaces and earrings. After making these sets I made a simple wood piece with screw-in hooks to display them. I wasn’t sure what color to paint the wood but decided to match it to the wall which I think worked well. Having these particular necklaces stored with their earring partners is a big help. No wasting trying to figure out which earrings to wear with them any more!


The little white hook rack came from Dollar Tree


I’ve posted a picture of this corner before. Here’s the newest addition in context.


Bargain shoes find their outfit

Last year I posted about buying low-heeled rummage sale shoes. I’ve been wearing most of my finds but one pair thwarted me.


The problem shoes

Every time I tried to wear these “Dexter” brand shoes I thought they looked stupid. I figured they’d go with jeans but I didn’t like how they looked plus they seemed a little conservative for my style. I’d never had shoes like them (driving shoes? mocassins?) and they made me uncertain. I didn’t want to give up too soon so I held on to them. Then in the summer on a whim I tried them with shorts. Yes! It worked.



The top was one of a shocking(!) 17 I bought from someone selling clothes on a yardsale Facebook group in late winter. I got lucky first in that nobody else was eyeing summer clothes then and that so many of her clothes fit me. They were nice things but she’d put on weight, she told me, and could no longer wear them. They averaged 60 cents apiece! The shorts were from a thrift store and the hat, which has lasted years, came from Dollar Tree. I added inexpensive shoe pads to make the shoes more comfortable and wore little nylon footies – also found at Dollar Tree at 3 for a buck – that don’t show. The shoes make the shorts outfit look dressier than with sport or open-toe shoes. I felt pulled together and very comfortable.


Chipmunk visits the Bird Bath and Squirrel Drinking Station

This is a cruddy photo I know, but I had to move quick to capture the chipmunk drinking out of my Dollar Tree dog bowl/bird bath. The chipmunk coming around now, unlike some I’ve known, is very skittish. It is just too odd seeing him perched up on the edge like that. (I figured if he fell in, it’s not all that deep.)

Mr. Squirrel visits (and I am amused)

I like to sit in the screen tent outside and watch the goings-on, including many visitors to the Bird Bath and Squirrel Drinking Station. Squirrels, for some reason, have been kind of hinky and skittish about seeing me this summer and usually turn around and leave if I’m out. It’s not like I’m sitting there with a sawed-off shotgun but whatever. I just got a dog dish from Dollar Tree (ain’t got no dog) to try out as a bird bath. The birds and squirrels can be particular about things and I don’t always know what’s not going to go over well. This squirrel bravely tried it out.

"I don't know about that lady..."

“I don’t know about that lady…”

Considering the libations.

Considering the libations.

Squirrel decides to enjoy a refreshing drink from the dog dish.

Squirrel decides to enjoy a refreshing drink from the dog dish.