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I have a strange (to me) short-sightedness when it comes to the underlining meaning of certain words. I have no idea if this problem is common. I feel quite foolish when I realize what I’ve been “missing.” Here’s the most recent one. It only occurred to me this week that the word vacation must be derived from the word vacate, as in vacating one place for another. Right? Before I simply thought of vacation as a word unto itself.

Cavity, as in your tooth, is another such word. I hate to tell you how long I had no idea a cavity in a tooth meant a HOLE in the tooth. To my thinking, cavities were just undesirable mysterious tooth troubles, possibly caused by too much sugar. Um, not exactly.😐 I failed to think of the actual definition of the word. No one ever showed me a picture of a cavity in someone’s teeth, let alone my own, so it simply never clicked. I grasped that cavities were treated with “fillings” but I didn’t comprehend what was being filled, especially since the end result was always the whole tooth being filled not a tiny hole or tiny cavity.

My last example is also a toothy one. After orthontia, a patient wears a retainer. I had one that I wore but ultimately threw out some decades after receiving it. It never occurred to me that the device was intended to retain the shape of the corrected teeth. Once again, the connection simply didn’t happen. To me a retainer was just the name of the item. Oh geez, braces is another, of course. They “brace” the teeth, something that never crossed my mind till this moment!

I don’t know what this tendency is but I’m sure I do it with many other words too. My vocabulary isn’t too shabby but something about taking a word out of its context or applying it a different way can make it unrecognizable to me.

Short Thought #258 (old age)

Note to self: when you get old don’t go around announcing your age to people looking for praise. Far too often when an older person proudly states their age, as in “I’m 80!” I am thinking, “Really? I was thinking more like 90.” 😐

“Winter is coming”


Over the past week I hauled home, sans vehicle, 16 28oz cans of Furmano’s tomatoes which means I now have a stash of 26. I take my tomatoes seriously. Besides, they’re on sale for $1. I used to buy the “Chunky Crushed” but somewhere along the way added ingredients included Calcium Chloride, Citric Acid and Xanthan Gum, and that’s a few too many additives for my pleasure. The “Crushed” variety, although thinner consistency 😢, merely has Citric Acid. Delicious Citric Acid! (I’m kind of kidding. Citric Acid is common and generally considered safe.) While I’m on it, “Diced” contain Calcium Chloride and Citric Acid but I rinse those before using. I stopped buying ready-made, jarred pasta sauces (too much salt & sugar) long ago and canned became my go-to. Furmano’s is tasty and regularly drops to $1 a can, so I stick mainly with them.

I guess I should mention I’ve never canned my own tomatoes and have no interest in starting. The memories of my mother spending days in the kitchen in hot, steamy summers working that scary pressure cooker remain strong. She’d be in a pretty foul mood and the whole enterprise appeared messy and chaotic. Also, um, the results, served up in future family dinners? They were not good, at least to my child self.😒

In the past I’ve made my own sauce from fresh tomatoes (which could be frozen instead of canned) but I really can’t get behind the reality that it takes 20 tomatoes or therabouts, to produce a measly cup of sauce. I don’t care for them odds. Don’t get me started on having to buy tomato paste in order not to have thin, watery sauce…

Two winters ago I shared my tomato stash which looked like this. I have (more) time on my hands in winter to do things like arrange my tomato cans into a pyramid for the purposes of this blog clearly.😁


If you think one thin, middle-aged woman could not eat all that, you’d be wrong, friends! (She did & then some.)

What led to this post other than the 16-can-purchase was finding the wood shelves they’re pictured on, curbside yesterday. I wasn’t sure what I’d do with them but since they were solidly built & real wood (not pressed board crap) I figured I should just grab them. They were a perfect fit for a spot in the kitchen and after I’d lined up the tomato cans and admired them the words “Winter is coming” sprang to mind. And so it is. But by god I’ll have 🍅.







Short Thought 241 (hoarding)

I dated a man who was a paper hoarder. He collected piles of newspapers and other stacks of various papers in his home, not sure what exactly, as I never looked closely.  Hoarding has deep roots in people’s psyches and I wasn’t about to try to “fix” this problem. I did however, offer the suggestion that he at least make one rule for himself, namely, not to pile papers on top of the stove. I can’t say he took my advice.

Marigold surprise

Flowers are one of the best parts of summer. The gorgeous colors are so cheering. I’m a big fan of marigolds. Marigolds are annuals meaning you get one season out of them and have to buy new ones each year. In early summer I planted marigolds in pots because slugs munch holy hell out of them if I plant them in the ground and then they (the flowers) usually weaken and die. Some flower profit from “dead-heading” which is merely clipping or pinching off the dead blooms. I faithfully dead-headed my marigolds and threw the dead blossoms aimlessly to the ground.  This year, for the first time that I recall, seeds from those dead blooms germinated, and not only that but they did so in an attractive spot! (as if I intended it!).

I took these photos this morning.  How stunning are these?! And they did it all by themselves (and the slugs aren’t eating them! which probably means something is eating the slugs!). The colors don’t look real to me. While most everything else is fading, these marigolds look like they’re all ready for the summer season.