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Somebody needs spell check

This past June I posted a photo of the sign in front of the local elementary school. School is back in session and I noticed the current sign. It’s spelled that way on both sides of the sign so it wasn’t an oversight. I’m thinking maybe prior to sticking the letters up there somebody needs to type up the text in a word processing program with a spell check. Hell I’d come around and proof it for ’em.



I saw three mannequins in a store window the other week and clearly they are in need of assistance. The working conditions they’ve been subjected to have led to hair loss, abnormal head size, and a distorted skeleton. I don’t know why the mannequins haven’t unionized to address such grievous issues. I mean, geez, one of them is even pregnant. It appears they’ve also been deprived of bras in their work uniform. Now, please know I think boobs & nipples are perfectly normal and women – even mannequin women – shouldn’t be shamed for having them or even revealing their outline in clothing, but really, in professional dress clothes a decent bra does create a cleaner line, just sayin’.


I’ve taken the liberty of imagining how the poor baby born to the pregnant mannequin might look. It isn’t pretty.


Cultural appropriation at its finest


You can have this tasteful figurine in your home for the amazing price of $29.99 plus $8.99 shipping!


Chief Runs with Paws would also make a swell holiday present this year for your Native American friends! Imagine their surprise!

“…and then we ran over it with a car and left it in the trash for a couple days.”

I was shopping in Ross ( “Dress for Less”) the other day when I saw this tag. I had to take a picture.IMG_20180719_105336


Full disclosure, I bought it! It wasn’t as bad as described, it was very soft, super cute, and marked down to $4. And really strange (to me)? Children’s X-Large.


Sadly, I did not come home with that wonderful tag; it must have come off when the cashier removed the anti-theft device. So excellent I took the picture in the store when my only intention had been to mock it!

Probably not the word you want to misspell


That can’t be good