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Short Thought #268

A man I knew told me his mother said he should wear nicer clothes if he wanted to attract women. I told him he should tell her he had a big dick so he didn’t have to wear nicer clothes. Funnily, he didn’t think that was such a good idea.😁

Short Thought #263 (emoji)

Well I feel silly. I’ve noticed a new emoji popping up on Facebook in response to people’s posts. On my tablet emojis are very tiny but others like the “heart” or “laughing” emojis were easy to discern. This newer one, however, wasn’t so obvious and sort of looked like the emoji was stroking its chin in a look of puzzlement. The splash of red at the bottom didn’t really fit with that assessment but I thought maybe it was a beard (why it’d be red don’t ask me). I just googled it. The emoji is hugging a heart. Geez, was I way off.😯 Personally I’d get more use out of a chin-stroking emoji.