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Wooden man couture

There’s a particular kind of man, usually older but not always, who dresses like Pinocchio. I see this with some regularity and wonder why. It’s not a good look.

“Let me in already!”

The other day I cleaned up the shed. I took out Snow man and Santa to hose them down on the patio. I put Snow man away but Santa was still outside on the bench. Today I took a look at him & after turning him around, noticed I’d missed some dirt on his back. I hosed him and left him to dry in the sun. I went out for a few hours during the day, only to come home and see this.πŸ˜€

Let me in already! It’s freaking hot out here! Do you have ANY idea what a full SANTA SUIT feels like in August?!

Short Thought #278 (election)

If someone tried to talk me out of my vote for Biden by saying it had been discovered he’d participated in human sacrifice, I might ask, “Did he make a habit of it or was it just the one time?”