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Eva C

In almost 7 years of having this blog, I find that I have never mentioned the late singer Eva Cassidy. In that I don’t write much about music generally and have included song links a few times at most, it isn’t so strange. Still, this particular omission cannot stand. If I share one musical artist with you, one you may not have heard and who I find riveting, it needs to be her. Listening to Eva is like a gift. You can google her name to find much more information and lots of other music so I will skip any of those details. Eva Cassidy Over the Rainbow

Dear Mr President

I’m not a political person. I have no intuitive grasp of politics or their machinations. If you asked me to explain, off the top of my head, how a bill is passed in the U.S., my answer would not be… good.😐 If you requested I summarize the Constitution of the United States, well again, my response might make you question how I got a college degree. Name all my representatives? 😢 Point being, it just doesn’t come naturally to me. Politics don’t light me up.

When Barack Obama became president, I compared it to the childhood feeling one got when their father was behind the wheel of the family car on a long trip. The kids could relax, look out the window, read a book, play “auto bingo” or what have you. The car was being driven and you, the (child) passenger could turn your attention elsewhere. Likewise, I felt safe with Obama at the wheel.

From Trump’s election right on through this very moment, I have felt the opposite. He was, and is, an erratic, unpredictable driver. As a passenger, I hung on for dear life, stomping the floor boards, unable to look away, horrified. It felt like he took every wrong turn, blithely running down “No Trespassing” signs, mowing over pedestrians, and recklessly taking curves at 80mph. It was exhausting and scary to go on this ride.

This is what I require of our President-elect Joe Biden. Keep the car on the road. That’s it. If you can do some good, undo some wrongs, great, that will be swell. What I’m already hearing sounds good, promising even, but my expectations have dropped off so much, having seen the bar hit a new, impossible low, that it won’t take much to make me happy. Just keep the damn car on the road.

Short Thought #283

Recently I’ve been seeing a Neutrogena® TV ad for a product that “fades brown spots” featuring a lovely young woman. The only visible brown spot on this particular woman’s head is her silky brunette hair. This ad reminds me of sooooo many others of similar ilk I’ve seen onscreen and in print, and I wonder, not for the first time, what do ACTUAL old women, women who really DO have brown spots, wrinkles, gray hair, “minor skin imperfections” 😕 and so forth, think when they see 20, 25, 30, or even 35 year olds, touting these kinds of products? Do they bust a gut laughing or does it incense them enough to want to lob a brick through the screen?

Neil sings “Lookin’ For A Leader 2020”

I am a Neil Young fan going way back. I just found this music video of his from August and to me, it’s spot on. Everything about it.

And if you could use a laugh after Neil’s somber lyrics, might I suggest James Corden’s recent video “Maybe I’m Immune”.

Short Thought 281

The pandemic isn’t funny. But some things related to it are. I saw a TV commercial, that, had I seen it a year ago I’d have thought it was a spoof. But this was a real commercial depicting people wearing clear face shields while going about all their daily activities; jogging down the street, sitting at a desk at the office, shopping, and so on. And everyone is having a great time! Nobody is angry. Nobody is trying to figure out how to blow their nose or heaven forbid, sneeze. Nobody is trying to get in their eight 8oz daily drinks of water. The only thing missing was a couple lustily getting it on while wearing their face shields. That would have made it complete.😁