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Short Thought 247

I am convinced, given everything I know about people, that he is a sociopath. He isn’t smart so at least there’s that. I don’t know if there’s anything scarier than a person with a high IQ and no conscience. With a less bright one, you stand a chance of outwitting them or an improved chance anyway, of staying out of harm’s path.

Short Thought 246 (nonsensical)

Recently the local Dollar Tree hasn’t been giving receipts unless the customer presses a button on the screen saying “yes” they want a receipt. When I first encountered this new format, the cashier explained that they were saving paper. I asked her to put all my purchases in one bag. She said she couldn’t fit them and proceeded to load my purchases into two double-bagged plastic bags. I then discreetly put all the items into one bag and left three behind with other bags at another register. I (often) don’t have the energy to argue with people. At least not on something like this. Where the hell to even begin??

Short Thought #245 (“Top Fan”)

On Facebook I follow a few famous people, not because I think we’re going to be friends but because I appreciate their comments or photos.  I am very liberal with my “likes” on posts (this requires merely pushing a button which essentially is saying “thumbs up”) and as a result Facebook has offered me a couple top fan badges as in “You’ve been recognized as one of [Famous Person’s] Top fans. Get your badge now.” This, from what I’ve seen, would make a small icon with the words top fan appear next to my name. I have not taken Facebook up on this dubious achievement.  All I really think it likely suggests to the celebrities is “top stalkers.”

Short Thought 242 (“black face”)

When I was a child and saw old movies with people in “black face” I didn’t understand what they were supposed to be. The clearly unnatural face color, cartoonishly drawn-on red lips, and perhaps most of all, the behavior portayed, didn’t jibe with anything I recognized. While the immediate area I lived in didn’t have a lot of black people, the large neighboring city did, but they appeared brown to me, and were nothing like the movie characters. I was genuinely puzzled and it wasn’t until I was older that I understood what the movie people in “black face” were supposed to be but even then it still didn’t make sense. 

Short Thought 241 (hoarding)

I dated a man who was a paper hoarder. He collected piles of newspapers and other stacks of various papers in his home, not sure what exactly, as I never looked closely.  Hoarding has deep roots in people’s psyches and I wasn’t about to try to “fix” this problem. I did however, offer the suggestion that he at least make one rule for himself, namely, not to pile papers on top of the stove. I can’t say he took my advice.