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Short Thought 200 (polygamy)

I can’t be polygamous. I’m lucky if I like one person.


Short Thought 199 (holiday traditions)

The neighbors continued their annual Christmas tradition, which apparently, three years in, is fighting. They must have been feeling extra festive because the police came not once but twice. Ho, ho, ho.

Short Thought 198 (fathers)

Same exact sidewalk. Two different young fathers.

The very early morning sun had just broken through the sky. With both arms, he carried his three-day old daughter so protectively in front of him as he slowly moved along the sidewalk in front of his house. He looked at her and stopped. It was like an ancient moment when a man held his newborn to the gods asking for a blessing.

Another time, another young father. He hustled impatiently down the sidewalk carelessly jostling his newborn’s baby carrier, not even glancing down. He appeared indifferent, as if he was carrying a duffle bag or a sack of groceries. It meant nothing.


Short Thought 197 (Christmas)

Something I hate: When people put up Christmas decorations in their yard without first cleaning up the dead leaves.

Something I love: When people put a festive Christmas tree in a window of their house for those of us passing by to enjoy.

Short Thought 195 (Daylight Savings Time)

My body is staging a coup. After three weeks it flatly refuses to quit Daylight Savings Time. So far as eating, sleeping, etcetera, it’s sticking with the old schedule thank you very much. Sure, my body grumbled in years past about this awkward biannual clock changing business but never put up this much resistance. Now it’s all  “Hell no, we won’t go …off Daylight Savings Time.”

Short Thought 193 (sorry)

I’ve been thinking about apologies lately, both ones I’ve personally been offered in the past as well as those I’ve heard in the media.

You know what’s a lousy apology? “I don’t remember doing that but if I did do it or you think I did, I apologize.”

This suggests a few things to me, none promising:

a) the apologizer remembers damn good & well but was hoping it would be forgotten.

b) the apologizer doesn’t remember because they were high or drunk.

c) the apologizer doesn’t remember because it was no big deal in their mind and/or they act that way all the time.