Short Thought #279 (partners)

Do you ever think less of someone after you see or meet their spouse, significant other, or partner? I do. I’m equal opportunity judgmental, thinking to myself, “You married her?” or “That’s your boyfriend?”

There are those who KNOW their partner is bad news so they apologize for the person or try to mitigate the other person’s behavior. It doesn’t help, not really.

Who a person has chosen to share their life with speaks volumes, revealing what they value and how they see themselves, among other things. It influences their life’s trajectory. I bear this in mind myself.

10 thoughts on “Short Thought #279 (partners)

    1. Colette Post author

      Standing by your (partner) choices independent of anything else can lead to spousal abuse, alienation from children & family, and a slew of other problems.


  1. Kate Crimmins

    When I was young working woman I was often surprised when I met the wives of executives. Some of them had clearly grown with their husbands and others seemed to be stuck in their high school days. I was more upset by the guys who had “outgrown” (if that’s even a thing) their wives and had affairs on the side rather than resolve their issues.

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