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I have a colorful dream life and manage to remember some of them coherently enough to write down.

Short Thought #270

Do you have this coronavirus dream? I’m not sure when mine started but I’ve had it a few times, where I am either standing around in a crowd or way too close to one other person. In the dream I suddenly realize I’ve made a mistake and am, if not exactly horrified, quite disturbed that I’m not maintaining distance.

This pandemic messes with your head.😐

Getting information in a dream

Occasionally in the blog I’ve written up dreams I’ve had. I’ve also written about perception and where it fits in my experiences. I’ve had dreams that have helped me sort out how I felt about something in my life. But I can’t think of any that gave me a specific piece of information. Not before two nights ago.

There’s a person I’ve known by name and face for a long time. Not someone I know socially or have ever had a conversation with. It’s not even a friend of a friend, someone whose name comes up in conversation. In the dream however, I learned the person is gay. Even if the simplest explanation is that my subconscious mind took the opportunity (of dreaming) to feed details through the open channel to my conscious mind, it felt like I was being given information.

A lot of times in dreams, you hear or see things that are surprising. You notice for the first time that you can fly. Or that a baby can talk like a full-grown adult, things of that nature. Huh! You think. Would you look at that?! How did I not notice this before? And then as you slowly wake up, you consider the newfound information, and slowly shake it off; no, squirrels don’t really sing in 3-part harmony, you don’t own a yacht, you don’t advise the president, etcetera.

The dream I had the other night, though, was different. As I started to awaken and consider it, I felt it was true. I need to clarify that I never thought consciously about this particular individual’s sexuality before and I’m certain I assumed, to the extent I would have even registered it, that they were heterosexual. It simply had not been on my mind; I don’t even know this person.

It isn’t even what I “learned” that is most interesting to me; it’s that I did. So far as the specific topic, though, I typically do want to know if people are gay, straight, between, or uninterested. I’m curious! Sometimes realizing someone is gay answers questions I might have had.

My dreams, as I’ve said, have helped me sort out situations or experiences in my own life. This one is notable because it wasn’t about my life, not even about someone I know much beyond name. Of course, I guess I now need verification of the dream – to see if it’s true – but I’m not going to go out of my way to get it. It doesn’t interest me enough (it’s not like I was told where a stack of gold bricks could be found buried in the woods), and moreover something tells me I don’t need confirmation.

What I really wonder now is if it was a fluke, and if that’ll be that. I’m curious if anything more useful might come up, but I guess I shouldn’t get greedy or ahead of myself. It rarely pays. Still, I’m intrigued.

Dream 8 (Tom Brokaw)

I dreamt I was walking down the sidewalk near a commercial area. I realized Tom Brokaw was on the sidewalk headed the same direction I was. I caught pace alongside because I wanted to speak to him. In part I wanted to tell him how I liked the American Stories radio series he does. To tell him how concise and accessible I find them.

But then I spied a pair of cute women’s flats by the curb. I really needed attractive, low-heeled shoes, and without hesitation, ran over to check out the shoes. They were a lovely butterscotch shade of brown and appeared to be about my size and in good condition. I flipped one of them over to look at the sole and was disappointed to discover the heel was badly worn, so I left them.

Because I’d let myself be distracted by the shoes, Tom Brokaw was far ahead on the sidewalk now and I ran to catch up, thinking I’d missed my chance to talk to him.

Dream 7 (Jane Austen)

A good friend had been talking for some time about this man she knew who she claimed was wise and knowledgeable. I understood that he had physical limitations, but wasn’t too clear on what they were. I finally had the chance to meet the man. There was something physically wrong with him, like he didn’t have use of his arms and legs. He may have been only a head, but I didn’t want to stare or look too closely and be rude.

He started talking and sagely reciting quotes. I could tell this was what had impressed my friend. See, he read and quoted from Jane Austen novels exclusively. Not only that, but he read only one of her books – I didn’t catch which one – exclusively. Every week of the year he read the same book cover to cover. Almost all his utterances were quotes from this one novel. I wasn’t very impressed.

Dream 6 (chickens)

I dreamt a man I’d recently met showed up at my home. He had a woman with him and they’d brought two live chickens in a low-sided (maybe 4″ high) cardboard box. Except that the chickens looked more like mourning doves, at least so far as having flat, not fluffy feathers. They were also gray in color but they were supposed to be chickens. The man and the woman were getting ready to go out on the town and they were ignoring the chickens. So I picked them up from the box and pet them. They liked that and purred like cats. I was getting annoyed with the couple, especially when they were just going to leave the chickens in the small box where they could fall or jump out over the side. The pair planned to come back to my home after their evening out but I told them to forget it, they couldn’t come back.