Monthly Archives: May 2020

Open space for one

On an unpleasantly humid but breezy day recently I spontaneously wandered into the middle of this ball field and stood. I was craving being alone outdoors in one spot if only for a little while. I had it to myself. The weather was too putrid to draw many people outside and I didn’t need to worry about anybody walking up on me unexpectedly in this wide open space.

Not dull as rocks

Earlier in the week I saw this sign on someone’s fence. It was set back away from a path so I went to investigate (I MUST read signs!)

I was charmed. I’ve never painted rocks but have heard it’s a “thing” and since I have creative talents, I thought it might be fun. As suggested I took a rock and a tiny set of paints.

I was tired & working some for the next few days and didn’t feel inspired. Then yesterday I put a coat of white on the rock thinking it’d be a good base. Also, studying my rock, I decided it had fish qualities.

Today I got my rock & the little paints out only to find the latter dried up.πŸ˜• However, I did have a few bottles of acrylic paint of my own. These too were mostly dried up πŸ˜• but I added a bit of water and revived them enough for this small endeavor.

I tried using a paintbrush of mine but it broke so I just used the brush end. IF I do this again I need a better brush. A very TINY brush.

I looked at a few fish photos online and got my idea. I assure you this isn’t a known fish so far as I am aware!πŸ˜€ Considering both my supplies and that this was my first painted rock, I am satisfied. Besides, if it looked like crud I wouldn’t post it here. (I considered whether to sign my rock in any way and opted to print “COLETTE” on the flat bottom inconspicuously.)


I returned my rock to the place I got it. This time a small table was there with a few rocks so I added my fish. I enjoyed this – it was a nice diversion.

My best de-cluttering tips

I know many people have spent time during quarantine cleaning out their houses. I haven’t done too much because I’ve been committed to de-c!uttering for years. I got lots of good ideas from books when I became devoted to a clutter-free home and over time I’ve come up with a few of my own.

1. Ask yourself: If I was moving would I take this with me? I find this helps me see what something means to me & how much trouble it’s worth. If it’s not worth moving, why is it worth keeping?

2. Put a date on the object & put it aside. When you look at it again it’ll give you a better idea of whether you a) use it or b) missed it. I also like to put short notes on items I have some question about. “Needs new cord” or “extra” or “jeans too loose at waist.” Waiting awhile can eliminate my indecision or give me a fresh idea. It’s useful, if possible, to keep such items together somewhere they won’t be forgotten/overlooked.

3. Think of a person – someone you know or a celebrity – whose style you admire and who, to your knowledge, lives clutter-free in a nice home. Ask yourself: would such-and-so have this item in their house?

4. Consider if the item is one-of-a-kind; i.e. if you get rid of it & regret it, how hard would it be to replace? I had a conversation once with a cousin who was afraid she might get rid of something valuable, a concern lots of us have. I pointed out that if it was a box of gold bricks, she’d probably keep it.😁 Most things can be replaced and your life won’t be a shambles but for the excised object.

5. Go through all your belongings on a regular basis. What seemed important to keep two years ago might no longer seem so now. I’ve been surprised by what the passage of time can do to my desire to hang onto things.