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IMG_20191109_104823_kindlephoto-597881I think I know how this tree feels.😐

Marigold surprise

Flowers are one of the best parts of summer. The gorgeous colors are so cheering. I’m a big fan of marigolds. Marigolds are annuals meaning you get one season out of them and have to buy new ones each year. In early summer I planted marigolds in pots because slugs munch holy hell out of them if I plant them in the ground and then they (the flowers) usually weaken and die. Some flower profit from “dead-heading” which is merely clipping or pinching off the dead blooms. I faithfully dead-headed my marigolds and threw the dead blossoms aimlessly to the ground.  This year, for the first time that I recall, seeds from those dead blooms germinated, and not only that but they did so in an attractive spot! (as if I intended it!).

I took these photos this morning.  How stunning are these?! And they did it all by themselves (and the slugs aren’t eating them! which probably means something is eating the slugs!). The colors don’t look real to me. While most everything else is fading, these marigolds look like they’re all ready for the summer season.



Nature delights

I saw a clematis (flowering vine) in someone’s post which reminded me I’d taken photos of an especially beautiful one earlier in the year. It’s not mine but it’s too pretty not to share. Look at how there’s two different colors on one plant.


I’m a skink fan. At the end of June I saw this little guy while sitting in an outdoor patio. I was surprised because as you see there was concrete all around and no vegetation nearby. Skinks eat bugs not people food so I don’t know what he was up to.

Green & White Grass Plant gets a little help

I really love my huge “Silver Arrow” grass plant and have posted photos in  2014 and in 2016. Since then, for whatever reason, people searching the term “Green and White Grass plant” regularly arrive at my blog – where I probably have not much useful to tell them.😐

Each successive year the plant has grown, enough so that two years ago I dug part of it out ( NOT easy) and planted it in a pot. Unfortunately that piece didn’t survive. Because the original plant has grown so much it routinely flops over which is why I started staking it with a perimeter of bamboo sticks and dental floss (as string). Nonetheless for the last two years I did this one or more of the stakes would eventually keel over & I’d return to wrestling with the plant to get it to stand up nicely. Let me tell you that although the plant looks innocent enough, the blades of grass are sharp. Last year I was sufficiently annoyed with the grass plant falling over that I prematurely cut part of it and then didn’t get to enjoy all its tall, striking rust-colored blooms late in the season.

All this is by way of saying I’ve solved my problem this year and forevermore! By stuffing the now-grown plant into a large, red tomato cage!


You’ll stand up & you’ll like it!



Photo #2 of my found hydrangea (plus a little introspection)

I know I just posted about my free hydrangea blooming but I felt I had to show it to you again. The first photo was June 27. Here it is today after lots of rain this week. It”s so beautiful it doesn’t seem real. I am besotted. How does such a color exist??

On June 27 the bloom looked like this. Nice, but clearly not at its peak.

See, I never thought I could have such beautiful things. I know it’s a plant not a thing but it fits a larger theme in my life. Growing up, beauty wasn’t appreciated in my family, not really. The vibe for pretty much everything was good enough. In fact, I think beauty for its own sake would have been, or was, considered suspect, frivolous even. It wasn’t about money but attitude.I had to grow up – in every sense – and embrace beauty, most especially as something I deserve, which has been the hardest part, and is ongoing. Anyway, these are a few of the thoughts I’ve been having, spurred by the presence of my stunning hydrangea, that had been left curbside for dead.