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Short Thought #284

When you’re in a relationship of any stripe (business, personal, intimate, etcetera) and the other person arbitrarily and without notice changes the rules of your engagement, to my mind that gives you license to change the terms as well, or at least to renegotiate them. Maybe you’d like to make a few changes your own damn self. I have found though, that the others don’t typically see it this way. They seem oblivious to the reality that their action doesn’t exist in a vacuum and that you might see their behavior as an opening or opportunity for a reciprocal move. They will act surprised and inconvenienced even if it’s said to them just as I have here.

Eva C

In almost 7 years of having this blog, I find that I have never mentioned the late singer Eva Cassidy. In that I don’t write much about music generally and have included song links a few times at most, it isn’t so strange. Still, this particular omission cannot stand. If I share one musical artist with you, one you may not have heard and who I find riveting, it needs to be her. Listening to Eva is like a gift. You can google her name to find much more information and lots of other music so I will skip any of those details. Eva Cassidy Over the Rainbow