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Short Thought #270

Do you have this coronavirus dream? I’m not sure when mine started but I’ve had it a few times, where I am either standing around in a crowd or way too close to one other person. In the dream I suddenly realize I’ve made a mistake and am, if not exactly horrified, quite disturbed that I’m not maintaining distance.

This pandemic messes with your head.😐

Come out, come out, wherever you are $%&@#!

I rummaged through my closet this morning, from one end to the other and back again. Where was that charcoal gray long-sleeved sweater, the one that would work nicely with black leggings and boots on this extra cold day? It can’t be lost in the small closet, which is just 5.5 feet long by 2 feet deep. I wanted the sweater because it had ass coverage; I’m not walking around in snug leggings with a short top, no siree! It’s not that I have so many clothes (and definitely not winter clothes which are my least favored), that I typically can’t find things or don’t know what I own. Sometimes I might lose track only because I bought something off-season and it hadn’t yet entered the rotation and/or I might have stored it away.

As I dug around, a thought began to creep into my consciousness… had I dreamt up this sweater?? I mean literally dreaming as in zzz’s and honk-shoo? This, sadly, has happened to me before, where I dreamed about an article of clothing, naturally something fabulous that made me happy, but almost on waking, realized there was no such item. Now here I was in the closet trying to find my lovely sweater. I could see it in my mind’s eye!

I did not find it. And all day I could not shake off the idea of its existence. I’m simply not sure if it was in a dream or it really is here somewhere, snickering at me.

Dream 7 (Jane Austen)

A good friend had been talking for some time about this man she knew who she claimed was wise and knowledgeable. I understood that he had physical limitations, but wasn’t too clear on what they were. I finally had the chance to meet the man. There was something physically wrong with him, like he didn’t have use of his arms and legs. He may have been only a head, but I didn’t want to stare or look too closely and be rude.

He started talking and sagely reciting quotes. I could tell this was what had impressed my friend. See, he read and quoted from Jane Austen novels exclusively. Not only that, but he read only one of her books – I didn’t catch which one – exclusively. Every week of the year he read the same book cover to cover. Almost all his utterances were quotes from this one novel. I wasn’t very impressed.

Dream 5 (Jurassic Park)

I dreamt it was going to be my job to serve drinks to all the animals in Jurassic Park, in very large glasses.

Short Thought 42 (summer)

I never feel more alive than I do in summer. It’s every bit as good as I think it will be. I never get here and think why was I so excited about this? Instead, I am pleasantly surprised: Oh yes, this is what summer is. I’d almost forgotten. Winter wipes it all away and makes summer seem like a dream, a lost moment you can never get back to.