Glass bottles in window

Two winters ago I treated myself to two glass bottles from Dollar Tree, one purple, one green. I was thinking how cheerful they’d be in my window over the winter. I was right, they were lovely. I enjoyed them again this winter but thought they seemed a bit uneven with just the two bottles. I’d seen an orange one in the store as well and bought it last week. It’s perfect. The nice thing about colored glass is that it looks good in all sorts of light conditions. When the weather changes (it already is) I’ll take them down and put them away till next fall (so I can open the window). Also– I’m like a little kid. It helps to put things away and then pull them back out again so I “re”-appreciate them. The other seasons – spring, summer, fall – have so many colors available to them. Winter is the one that needs help.




18 thoughts on “Glass bottles in window

    1. Colette Post author

      You are right.😊 I was surprised to snag something so nice at Dollar Tree even though I’ve found lots of stuff there over the years (most practical in nature). I find myself sitting & looking at the bottles; they catch my eye and brighten my mood.

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    1. Colette Post author

      Oh, that’s good advice, thank you. I would sit and look at those two bottles last winter and think they were missing a third (but had only bought two to not be too indulgent on something I didn’t need.)

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    1. Colette Post author

      Thanks. What’s so good is that the bottles are just the right size for the tiny ledge; wine bottles or anything like that would be too big.) I find that I grow used to things in my environment and regularly mixing them up (or taking them away) keeps me from getting bored.



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