Labor Day weekend “dressy dress” (Bargain Style)

This past weekend I wanted to dress up for an indoor event. I’ve had this gorgeous Ralph Lauren dress in my closet for awhile, waiting for an occasion.ย  I bought it some time back at Ross for the shocking price of $3.49 (can I find a bargain or what?!) and had yet to remove the tag.ย  The just-below-knee length dress fits, flatters, and even has a black lining sewn into the front that gives extra “heft” (and I suspect keeps the dress from clinging and traveling around). Because I was going to be in air conditioning I took along a black cropped, unstructured “jacket” (not sure what this garment is specifically called) that ties in front. The little jacket was a thrift store or rummage find; I no longer remember which but it has served me well. I left it untied but just wanted to show you that “feature”.


Apparently this fabulous dress languished at my local Ross for some time if the many reductions are an indication, starting at $50 and ultimately dropping to $3.49 when I lucked into it. I loved the dress on sight and about fell over when I saw the price.


Since the dress has plenty going on already so far as the eye-catching design, I went with simple jewelry, these earrings and a ring, both of which I made.


Because I was going to be on my feet a long time (and I’m over shoes that are only about show) I went with these very comfortable Clarks Active Air sandals, another second-hand find. They’re starting to show wear but I figure I can get more use of of them since nobody is going to be looking at them too closely. I’d never buy a pair of shoes like these new – expensive – so I want to hang onto them longer.IMG_20190904_140209

Lastly, I wore my hair in a high ponytail like this one (sorry, didn’t think to take a photo that actual day).


9 thoughts on “Labor Day weekend “dressy dress” (Bargain Style)

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      ThanksJan. I no longer own uncomfortable shoes! Our country is so clothing-swamped any more, that bargains are all around and nice stuff at that. These are my only Clarks but now I know what the fuss is about.



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