Short Thought 100 (chips & martinis)

I was perusing the snack aisle in the grocery store, just for kicks, as I rarely (let myself) buy anything, when I saw potato chip packaging I’ve never seen before. I have seen 1 ounce bags, but these were half ounce bags! What is that, 5, 6 chips?! I had to laugh.

You know that old line about making a dry martini by whispering “vermouth” over the glass? I’m thinking the next step in chip production will be whispering “chips” over the bag and sealing that sucker closed.

17 thoughts on “Short Thought 100 (chips & martinis)

  1. John Callaghan

    So I noticed I hadn’t seen any of your posts in my reader for a while and I thought to myself “where the hell is Collette?” You are easily a favourite blog of mine and one of my favourite people on the interwebs. So I had to look up your blog because for some reason I had unfollowed you. I did not do this. And I don’t know hy this happened, but I have amended this situation.
    Please don’t think I stopped following you.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Thank you John! This is as good a time as any to reiterate that I feel the same. You stand out as a unique, thoughtful, witty voice on WordPress, both in your blog and comments you make here and on other people’s blogs. I am always curious and interested when your avatar pops up – anywhere – to see what you’ll have to say.

      The unfollowing business happens – I’m regularly unfollowed from “Victo” and I don’t know why. Like you, I start to think “gee, she’s been quiet…”

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      1. John Callaghan

        Hahaha. Well, I’m relieved. If I suddenly go quiet, no likes or comments on your posts, leave me a comment like “What the fuck dude?” and I’ll get my follow back on. I think this is the first and only time this happened to me but I know it happens to Victo.



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