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How does one pass the time during one of the most unnerving days they’ve experienced in U.S. history? This one mostly distracted herself. I placed a grocery order & had it delivered (lotsa vegetables), took a 30-minute aerobic walk, watched the last episode of a DVD of American Vandal, and puttered in the yard.

I made a no-frills screen feeder to add to the “Bird Feeding Station” out of 4 lightweight, small boards nailed together with a spare piece of window screen stapled to the bottom. To hold it I initially tried four same-length pieces of wire (attached to 4 tiny eye hooks I screwed into the corners) but that didn’t work right so I just used string for now (it’ll probably need to be replaced down the road).

It held peanuts earlier in the day & the birds seemed at ease hopping in to get them

I mostly avoided the TV but happened to turn it on to catch Biden’s first speech, an encouraging (and emotional to me) bit of business.

Lastly, it’s a unusually mild, lovely day. I captured a honey bee – in November! – on my bird seed sunflower.

A Dark (chocolate) Day

I don’t let myself indulge in a lot of sweets, but not because I don’t want or crave them. Dark chocolate in moderation has been getting good press for years, the higher the level of cocoa, the better. However, it’s pricey. Since I already buy dry-goods groceries from Amazon (they’ve got lots of healthy, tasty Bob’s Red Mill products), I decided to see what kind of deals I might find on a dark chocolate treat. Way back on Jan 18, I placed an order for 55% cocoa dark chocolate candies at an amazing price: just under $4.50 for a bit over a pound! Let me tell you, in case you don’t pay much mind to the going cost of chocolate, this was amazing. And the chocolate pieces came in cute metal tins that I was sure I’d find a use for once emptied. My mouth watered in anticipation. What a swell delight this would be for the long, dreary days of winter.

The other items in the order soon came. But not the chocolate. On Jan 31 Amazon told me by email they “were still trying to obtain” the dark chocolate. If I still wanted it, they said, they’d “keep trying to find it.” Still want it?? FIND it?!? Um, I thought you HAD it, Amazon, as demonstrated by the fact you had a nice picture and description, not to mention took my order for it. I’m not the most tech-savvy soul, but I expect they don’t just cross their fingers and hope their supply meets their orders. I bet they even have some sort of computerized system with inventory and everything! In their correspondence, they went on to say that they’d cancel my order on March 2 if they hadn’t “located it by then.”

I’ve had many positive dealings with Amazon and frequently talk them up; this is the oddest thing they’ve ever said about an order. I picture an employee rooting around in over-crowded bins in dank storage rooms: “Where is that damn chocolate? I was sure I saw some back here. Oh well, maybe I’ll look again next week. Or the week after that. After all, we got all month!

Dreaming of chocolate, I waited it out the entire month of February. It’s March 2. I’m not enjoying scrumptious morsels of chocolate. Oh, it’s a dark day.

Bird Waiting Room

I happened to have my tablet with me when I saw these sparrows waiting on “shelves” to go into the vents. And I liked the sharp contrasts of colors.