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Short Thought 232 (self-defense)

There’s a leash law where I live, meaning all dogs on public property are supposed to be leashed at all times.Ā  Most people follow the law but a minority doesn’t, creating problems for both people as well asĀ leashed dogs. I was on a walking path and had just passed an area where a man was permitting his dog to run freely when I crossed paths with a older man I’d seen before who was walking his small, leashed dog. I told him about the dog off-leash. He thanked me butĀ  indicated he was prepared and opened his coat to reveal a short wooden club wrapped in wire. For those of you familiar withĀ The Walking Dead, this thing was a miniĀ Lucille. I was NOT expecting that.

Zombie wear and Daryl home decor

So I’ve just finished watching season six of The Walking Dead. Yes, I realize season seven is about to start and I am way behind the curve. This doesn’t bother me. I had to wait till the local library system stocked it. I put myself on a waiting list bright and early and WAIT I did! I don’t mind. As long as I get to see it – and I was able to avoid any spoilers in advance, which considering I live, if somewhat peripherally, in the modern world, that is saying something.

There’s a few things I want to note. Having focused onĀ zombie attire in the past, I found myself again staring at the clothes particularly in that there were large zombie scenes in season six, with hundreds of zombies dragging along. And per usual, there were way too many long sleeves, long pants, and long skirts. It makes NO sense. Georgia! Hot! No seasons depicted on the show whatsoever – always nice moderate temps. Dowdy, skin-covering clothes? In Atlanta? And cardigans! Lordy, do they like to put those zombie ladies in some cardigans!

But I think I’ve got it figured out. Zombie makeup is expensive and time-consuming. Any bare skin has to be zombie-fied. Therefore most zombies are covered up in clothes, albeit raggedy ones by the time we see them, particularly with crowd scenes to save expense and trouble. This is my best guess.

Now I want to discuss dental hygiene. The survivors have all been in this “new world” for two years. That’s two years without regular dental checkups, friend. And although an actual doctor turned up amongst those still living this season, nobody that I can recall has said, “Yes, that’s right, I’m a dentist. Now let’s have a look at that bad tooth.” And yet, most of the main cast members have great-looking teeth. Michonne’s teeth are cue ball white, covergirl white. They are so white I was distracted by them.Ā I’ll grant you most of the zombies have awful teeth but they’re zombies! They are dead. This is to be expected.

Now that D.Ā Ā ParkerĀ isn’t writing her blog I find I missĀ the regular mentions of Daryl Dixon/Norman Reedus. I enjoyed the gratuitous still shots and as it is with crushes, one just likes to hear the name of the object of one’s affections and lust. (Would I have anything to do with a guy like ol’ boy Daryl in real life? Yeah, probably not, even with a bath and a shave in the deal, but still.)

Anyway, in the DVD box there was a little booklet of Walking Dead merchandise to waste your hard-earned dollars on (merchandise that will likely be obsolete and of little interest to anyone in short order). I flipped through it. Most of it was the expected fare; character figurines, trinkets, tote bags. But one caught my eye: the DARYL fleece throw (that’s how it’s printed). The Daryl fleece throw. The what???! There he is posed and sneering, holding his crossbow at the ready. On a fleece throw. There is something all wrong about this. One does not “cuddle up” with sullen, monosyllabic Daryl in any capacity. And if you’re going to sell a blanket featuring our back-country-living boy, shouldn’t it be made of something like stitched-together squirrel pelts? I am just saying.

The clothes make the zombie

I watch The Walking Dead. I have pretty strong feelings about it. The characters are so well drawn and the concepts explored are riveting – all the central themes of human existence.Ā Not to mention the show is visually stellar – I totally believe it. It is gory for me so I avert my eyes a lot. That said, after five seasons, I’m used to the zombies to the point where I get distracted by what they’re wearing. What can I say, I like clothes and I always look at what people are wearing, often with an eye for how I’d style them. I’ve started zeroing in on what the dead people have got on and trying to decide if it makes sense.

To my eye, the zombie ladies wear an awful lot of long, shapeless skirts. This confuses me. For one, most of the action has been based in and around Atlanta. It’s not the tropics but it’s a moderate region weather-wise. It’s not like there’s been any snow storms in any of the shows. I question whether women in Atlanta would really be wearing so many long skirts. Or whether women in and around a major U.S. city would be so lacking in style. Where are the short skirts? Denim shorts? Zombie club outfits? Even if you allow the zombies seen aren’t necessarily from Atlanta or even Georgia, they’d almost certainly be from nearby, i.e., warm weather, states. Do women in the South wear so many dowdy long skirts? I’m offended on their behalf!

There isn’t a lot of variety in zombie attire in general, even allowing that their clothes are invariably dirty and mangy looking, and therefore more uniform in appearance. Unless I’m mistaken (and I admit I wasn’t always watching carefully) I don’t think I’ve seen one male zombie with low-hanging pants and boxers hanging out. Or a zombie lady in a bikini. Or one in a tiara. Or some loser in a “I hate fat chicks” t-shirt. Well, why not?

Now, whenever a “herd” of zombies show up in a scene, I find myself scanning their outfits. Looking for something just a bit different. I’m not really sure what this says about me…