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Easy Thai-inspired Cole Slaw

In my “resolutions” for the year I expressed an interest in trying Thai cooking. I don’t really know what Thai cooking is except that it may involve cilantro, peanuts, and lime juice and if so, I’m all on board! I got interested after trying this recipe last year. I made a few changes and wanted to share it with you. I substituted Liquid Aminos for soy sauce becauseĀ liquid aminosĀ have less sodium and more nutritional properties. The original recipe used fresh green beans but here I used a half bag of frozen peas & carrots because that’s what I had in the freezer.

The ingredients are cabbage, peanuts, liquid aminos (or soy sauce), half a cup of some kind of vegetable, green onions, and lime juice. This recipe takes what I consider a little trouble. I don’t typically have cilantro or green onions on hand so I have to make a point of getting them. I don’t usually have cabbage either but I’m not trying to suggest buying cabbage is exotic. (To keep cilantro longer, I take it out of the flimsy plastic produce bag and put the roots in water, cover it loosely with the plastic bag, and keep it in the refrigerator.)


The original recipe used raw, shredded cabbage but I bought this small head of cabbage without any kind of wrapper on it so I decided, after removing the outermost tough leaves, to chop it up and cook it in a little bit of oil just to be on the safe side.


I have a wonderful little (out of focus) Tupperware manual chopper that I found at a yard sale long ago that worked perfectly to chop up a quarter cup of peanuts.


For whatever reason I’d never taken the time to roast any nuts (lazy I guess) but cooking them for a few minutes in the toaster oven really does bring out wonderful flavor. The roasted result is on the right.

I LOVE cilantro so I used plenty. Here it’s washed and spun in my salad spinner on the right before adding to the cabbage and peas & carrots in a large bowl.


The easiest way to chop up green onions (organic scallions in this case) is with a pair of clean, kitchen scissors. I just cut them right into the bowl but put ’em on the cutting board first to show you. I used three.IMG_20190216_183348_kindlephoto-46623146

Here’s the onions and roasted peanuts added to the bowl.


All stirred together with splashes of lime juice and amino acids. I suggest going with light amounts initially and adding more if you think it’s needed.IMG_20190216_183700_kindlephoto-46724249

I put a serving into a pretty bowl to take a picture for the blog but the truth is I just ate my wonderful Thai Cole slaw directly out of the big bowl above. This made several servings and it keeps well over several days in the refrigerator.Ā  IĀ love this cole slaw. So good!IMG_20190216_183913_kindlephoto-46794402


My Kinda, Sorta New Year’s Resolutions 2019

As I did last year I’ve decided on a few, albeit not exactly typical, goals for the year. I actually started on them in the last week or so of December; I didn’t see any reason to wait. The thing about goals is you want to make them specific, so it’s not “lose weight” for example, but “walk thirty minutes three times a week” if that’s an area you want to improve. I find it’s very helpful to write things down and in 2018 it gave me real satisfaction to keep adding entries to the simple lists I kept on loose leaf paper.

First is to read 20 books, same as last year. (I read 30 in 2018 after all was said and done.)

I want to try yoga so my first goal is to do the Sun Salutation fifty times. There’s a couple variations of it; the link is to a 10-pose version but the one I’ve been doing has 12 positions. Doing the poses takes about a minute and I repeat them five times; it doesn’t take long at all. It’s a matter – for me – of slowing myself down and making a point of doing it.

In addition, I will also commit to doing 30 minutes of yoga 25 times. I found a one-inch thick (this matters) yoga mat on Amazon for $10 so I’m all set. If I do more yoga, that’s fine, but the idea is to get started and see how it affects me. One thing I’ve already noticed is my obvious exhaling while doing yoga (and other stretching type exercise). I think it’s a kind of de-stressing exhaling. Have I been – has my response to recent life been – “holding my breath”? I think maybe so.

If I can get a hold of it I want to try the New York Times Crossword. I am in a regular crossword habit but that is one I haven’t tried yet.

I plan(ned) to get rid of fifteen things.
HOWEVER I started on this at the end of December and, having had the time and energy for this project, I’ve actually already gotten rid of – give away, recycle, throw away – over 50 things! I don’t know what I was thinking when in an earlier post I shared my concern that I thought, given how many things I’ve already shed in years past, that 15 might be a tricky goal. Man, was I wrong. Most of the stuff is little things but it doesn’t matter. There is such a relief in shedding excess. I am giving my belongings a very hard look. When you stay in one place a long time as I have, vigilance is key, even when the place isn’t big.

Examples of stuff I got rid of:
– 4 belts I don’t wear
– 3 extra large glass peanut jars with no lids
– 1 full-size piece of foam
– A rusting finch feeder
– A small bag of jewelry
– A small bag of boards
– An extra aluminum water bottle
– 2 wire baskets
– A broken night guard case
and on like that.

I started and will finish a CD set on conversational Italian – and then I’ll decide if I want to try any others.

I’m going to watch the Marx Brothers movies (again). My life could use more levity. I already watched A Night in Casablanca which I checked out from the library. I think I can find several others through the library system also.

This isn’t exactly a goal but I’m going to keep track of the DVDS (and series) I watch. I LOVE movies and I watch a lot that I’m able to check out from the public library but I couldn’t tell you how many I watch in a year for instance – I just don’t know. And how is my DVD watching compared to my book reading? Should there be a ratio? One book for every four hours of DVDs or something like that? Until I nail down how much I typically watch I won’t know if I should set a goal around this issue. I adore movies. Did I mention that?!

My food/cooking goals aren’t elaborate for 2019. I would like to try Thai cooking. I made a Thai salad (coleslaw, green onions, lime, cilantro, amino acids, roasted peanuts) this past year that I loved – lime, cilantro & peanuts, especially combined, sing to me. I’d love to find other simple dishes that use these flavors. I think I’d also like to try making Pupusas – I just saw them on a PBS show featuring various restaurants and I think I’d really like them. In a future blog I’ll share the Thai coleslaw recipe and if I can tweak a pupusa recipe to make it healthy (perhaps less oil, for instance), I’ll share that.

It is easy, if you let yourself, to drift. Okay, I’ve noticed it in me. In 2018 I felt ready to make changes. I recovered my reading habit and made new recipes. This year I will add yoga to my life, continue shedding excess belongings, keep reading, and make sure I’m challenging myself, intellectually and physically. And I am damn sure going to have some levity.

NOTE: I apologize in advance for a delay in responding to any comments to this post. I DO want to hear what you have to say.