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Harmless fun on the job

A long time ago I had a temp job through an employment agency working at a very well-known food company updating their mailing list. This mainly consisted of inputting address changes and new requests into a database to be sent free recipe cards. I’d always been a very responsible goody two-shoes who tried to do everything right on all my jobs, temp or otherwise, but this time I decided to have a bit of fun. In addition to making all the necessary corrections and updates, I also added to the database several names of pets belonging to people I knew. All I did was take the pet’s first name and tack on the last name of the person; hence “Chessie Gibbs”, a cat of my acquaintance, began receiving free recipe cards in the mail. Years later a friend of mine told me her dog was still getting recipe cards. Clearly the company had yet to notice my handiwork.😁

Take a number

We like to believe, as the phrase goes, that we’re not “just a number.” And more importantly we don’t want to be treated like we’re “just a number.” I sure feel that way and I bet you do too.

Years ago, before all the initiatives and changes in health care – none of which I aim to debate here – I worked a short time at a temporary job with a health insurance company. It was a miserable place for me. My work was clerical and repetitive, the environment was abysmal, and I think I’d been naive beforehand, because I’d never seen quite so clearly the words “just a number” in action.

This company processed a staggering amount of claims and paperwork. And this was when paperwork was literally paper. Employees had great piles of forms falling all over their desks, some more so than others – things could get fairly sloppy. Papers went missing. And I don’t know where the blame for this lay, but there was a big issue with duplicate claim forms – finding duplicates was part of my job – in that the same claim might have multiple case numbers assigned it, making it appear as different claims. I’m sure that gummed things up.

I had no clue an insurance company worked like this. The volume was dismaying. The work flow was far from polished. And speed was encouraged. It was the handwritten notes intended to motivate employees tacked to the outside of the work station partitions that really got to me:


Geez-o-flip. How depressing is that?? There was no uncertainty here. People were numbers. In a scary way. Sometimes I’d think about the poor person who’d filed a claim and had no idea what went on behind the scenes. Probably better they didn’t know.