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So now that it’s fall…let’s still talk about summer!

Now that it’s Officially Fall you might think I’d write a fall-inspired type post. You’d be wrong. I still have a few pieces of summer show-and-tell that I hadn’t got to. And I really want to!

Earlier in the summer I bought my first solar string lights from Amazon for a few dollars. I put them on my seasonal screen tent and have loved them ever since. The photo doesn’t do them justice but here they are. They are so fun! Very colorful at night. They turn on as if someone flipped a switch (I try to “catch” them going on sometimes).



A few flowers have continued beautifully into September.



Thunbergia vine (an annual) took all summer to get “going” but it’s so sweet now




Today. Morning Glory vine I grew from Dollar Tree seeds. How great is that?


Morning Glory flower


Best view is from above


Moving on… A few photos from when the “fair” came to town Labor Day weekend.


I have never had deep-fried food like this. I thought I might try something – a deep fried Oreo perhaps – just once for the novelty but they were $5! And I said hell no.


This did not look like a seat on which you would be doing either.


I love merry-go-rounds/carousels. Yep I paid my $3 and rode it but it was too slow and kind of boring.




I saw a squirrel run up this tall tree stump to get away from the fair commotion. Top left.


He looked down at me while I talked to him and took his picture. Sorry, no “zoom” on my tablet! But I like his ears silhouette and the little paw hanging.


Finally, despite the fact summer is supposed to be about eating fresh vegetables, I found I wasn’t getting a lot of variety and was eating rather odd meals at times. Determined to straighten up, in late August I finally fixed an old favorite, “salad plate”, which is a mix of cold vegetables, whatever you want. I made a white bean dip to go with it.


I needed to be *tempted* and this beautiful array did the trick. Geez, it tempts me now looking at the photo! But I’d have to actually get the stuff again and make it, sigh.



Dining like a squirrel in prison

I think sometimes when I’m around other people I eat like a squirrel or an inmate. If I’m at a gathering, a party or a wedding or a cook-out for instance, and there’s a buffet where guests can “fix themselves a plate” (isn’t that the best expression?), I have a inclination to take mine off to a corner alone, if at all possible. Especially when the food is really good. I see squirrels do this all the time; they grab food and run away a bit, behaving as if someone – perhaps even the kindly person who might have given them the food – is going to take it back. I don’t know that I think somebody is going to take back my plate if I don’t keep a close eye, so much that, in part, I want to be one with my meal. I really don’t like it if I have to balance food on my lap or worse, stand somewhere – that takes away from my enjoyment.

It’s not that I can’t dine with a group of others around a table – eating & talking with an interesting companion is one of my favorite things in life – it’s that I know oftentimes I’ll be distracted and not give the food its due. I’ll look down and my plate will be empty and I won’t know where the food went or have appreciated it the same way (as if I partook like the squirrel in the corner). Pretty much the opposite of mindful eating.

I also occasionally catch myself “guarding” my plate when dining, arms flanking either side protectively. What is that?? Am I going to stick my fork into the hand of someone who looks like they might try to take a morsel off my plate?! Maybe it goes back to inherited DNA from primitive ancestors, who really would stick somebody who tried to mess with their meal. Or maybe it’s just from growing up in a large family where it was necessary to make sure you got your fair share of the vittles. Still, I want to be a nice member of society, so when I notice I’m doing it, I try to make an effort to bring my arms away from my plate and act like a civilized person who wouldn’t knock silly any hapless person getting too close to her food.

Mocking the squirrel

I saw the squirrel jump onto the six-foot tall shepherd’s hook to get to the bird’s suet feeder. I opened the door and reprimanded him with a firm, “Excuse me!” Instead of frantically leaping to the ground as typical and expected, the squirrel, defeated, slowly slid down the length, clinging, as if it was on a mini bat pole. I laughed and laughed.

My bird bathing station is all the rage

These aren’t good photos (taken from a tablet on zoom, through a screen tent & cropped – shocking they aren’t high caliber) but I wanted to show you a couple visitors to the Bird Bath Station this summer. No, I don’t mean the stone lions.

This was just before the dove freaked out as doves are wont to do

This was just before the dove freaked out as doves are wont to do

Chickadees are the cutest

Chickadees are the cutest

Each titmouse gets their own pool

Each titmouse gets their own pool

Mr. Squirrel takes a dainty sip

Mr. Squirrel takes a dainty sip

Catbird had been shy but not today.

Catbird had been shy but not today.

How very refreshing!

“How very refreshing!”

Let me shimmy this way.

“Let me shimmy this way.”

Getting into this.

“Getting into this.”

This one might be better.

“This one might be better.”

Oh, I love it when I have all the pools to myself! The way it SHOULD be.

“Oh, I love it when I have all the pools to myself! The way it SHOULD be.”

Well, that oughta do it for today. Damn, I wish the snack bar was open.

“Well, that oughta do it for today. Damn, I wish the snack bar was open.”

Mr. Squirrel visits (and I am amused)

I like to sit in the screen tent outside and watch the goings-on, including many visitors to the Bird Bath and Squirrel Drinking Station. Squirrels, for some reason, have been kind of hinky and skittish about seeing me this summer and usually turn around and leave if I’m out. It’s not like I’m sitting there with a sawed-off shotgun but whatever. I just got a dog dish from Dollar Tree (ain’t got no dog) to try out as a bird bath. The birds and squirrels can be particular about things and I don’t always know what’s not going to go over well. This squirrel bravely tried it out.

"I don't know about that lady..."

“I don’t know about that lady…”

Considering the libations.

Considering the libations.

Squirrel decides to enjoy a refreshing drink from the dog dish.

Squirrel decides to enjoy a refreshing drink from the dog dish.