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Flower Power

On the weekend I popped by an outdoor rummage sale held by a local organization. There wasn’t a lot of stuff but I noticed this picture immediately, saw it was marked at $4 and as I don’t really need a picture, put it back down and kept browsing. I was surprised then, that one of the sellers caught my attention and generously offered to cut the price in half. Was I interested? Oh yes I was!

It’s a canvas on a frame which is about 1.25″ thick. The square itself is 20″. At this point I definitely have a “flower theme” going on in my room – in pictures only – but they have to be certain kinds of flowers, nothing too cute or schlocky. The back says “Jetsan” and I’ve tried to find something online about the name but the most I could get was it is/was likely a digital art on canvas company.


Here it is in context in the corner of the room. I had a mirror in that spot but decided this was better. Really love how this corner now looks, cheerful and cozy (I have a chair/lamp beneath the view seen here). That’s my necklaces under the shelf – I want them out so I’ll see them. I rigged up the high shelf for the plant. It’s kind of tricky to water it that high up – close to the ceiling – but fortunately it doesn’t need watering too often.





Lights! (no camera, no action)

I always like seeing string lights or other “fancy” lights in other people’s homes, although admittedly, these homes have often been on TV or in movies. I realize they’re sets but I still look around the rooms on the screen to get ideas.

These lights came from a church rummage sale. There’s often various lights, usually Christmas lights, for sale at these events. I find an electrical outlet for a test before I buy. I was enchanted with the intricate design. Also, they can be left up year-round since they’re “non-denominational” – they don’t scream Christmas, Halloween or Baby’s First Birthday! It happens that there already were several oddly-placed hooks in the ceiling so I took advantage of them to string up the lights.

Here’s a “panoramic” shot across the ceiling. This photo doesn’t show the detailed design but I wanted to give you the full-room effect. IMG_20160729_201331_pan.


Look at the beautiful design they cast!  

I sprung for this fancy outlet adapter with switch that I saw on Amazon for $3. Isn’t that a clever gadget?!