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For the child who wants to stand out

I occasionally see a little girl who wears a large red plastic cup on her head. It is attached to some kind of elastic to keep it securely in place.

I’d guess her to be about 10 now, so she’d have been around 9 when I first saw her last year and the sight about stopped me in my tracks. It was just so inexplicable. What did it mean??

I admit to feeling vaguely annoyed by the plastic cup on her head in ways I can’t exactly articulate. On the other hand one has to at least somewhat admire her originality. Not a lot of people could walk around with a plastic cup on their head, at a jaunty angle no less, as if it was nothing. I can’t help but wonder though, if she associates the red plastic cup, as I do, with parties, kegs, and beer. I’m guessing not.

For kicks I googled “wearing a red plastic cup on your head” to see if I was missing something. It turned up nothing relevant but reminded me said cups are Solo® cups, which I’d forgotten.

As a child who was so desperate to wear earrings, I once fished round, gold plated curtain hooks out of the family junk drawer and fashioned them into jewelry, I can’t exactly cast too much aspersion on the cup-wearing child. That said, I’m fairly sure I never left the house sporting my curtain-hooks-as-earrings in public. Of course the day will come when this girl will no longer wear her red plastic cup out either. Since I don’t know her I wonder if she’ll continue her non-conformist fashion ways or will she become self-conscious and choose more mainstream accessories. I also wonder how she will look back on her head cup when she is older.