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Not dull as rocks

Earlier in the week I saw this sign on someone’s fence. It was set back away from a path so I went to investigate (I MUST read signs!)

I was charmed. I’ve never painted rocks but have heard it’s a “thing” and since I have creative talents, I thought it might be fun. As suggested I took a rock and a tiny set of paints.

I was tired & working some for the next few days and didn’t feel inspired. Then yesterday I put a coat of white on the rock thinking it’d be a good base. Also, studying my rock, I decided it had fish qualities.

Today I got my rock & the little paints out only to find the latter dried up.πŸ˜• However, I did have a few bottles of acrylic paint of my own. These too were mostly dried up πŸ˜• but I added a bit of water and revived them enough for this small endeavor.

I tried using a paintbrush of mine but it broke so I just used the brush end. IF I do this again I need a better brush. A very TINY brush.

I looked at a few fish photos online and got my idea. I assure you this isn’t a known fish so far as I am aware!πŸ˜€ Considering both my supplies and that this was my first painted rock, I am satisfied. Besides, if it looked like crud I wouldn’t post it here. (I considered whether to sign my rock in any way and opted to print “COLETTE” on the flat bottom inconspicuously.)


I returned my rock to the place I got it. This time a small table was there with a few rocks so I added my fish. I enjoyed this – it was a nice diversion.