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Bad Places for “Suggestive Selling”

Quite a long time ago I did a few rough cartoon ideas that I submitted to MADĀ© magazine. You can find earlier examples I posted here and here. This was another.


Now for your viewing pleasure: My MADĀ© Magazine cover rejection

In a recent post I shared an old cartoon I’d done years ago as part of a submission to MADĀ© magazine which ultimately went nowhere. This got me to thinking about MADĀ© which I haven’t even looked at in ages. I never subscribed but the library used to have it. (Maybe 10 years ago I asked a librarian about the possibility of the branch carrying it again and was more or less blown off, so I dropped it.)

My former brother-in-law introduced me and my closest-in-age siblings to the magazine when we were in grade school. A bright, observant man, he must have noticed that his wife’s youngest siblings were kind of sheltered and was good enough to hand us a small supply of MADĀ© back issues and another similar (knock-off?) magazine. We were thrilled! They were just our kind of humor. We had no idea such a wondrous magazine existed.

One of the submissions I sent to MADĀ© was a cover idea. I didn’t think I could share it here because of potential copyright infringement, but it occurred to me it’ll be okay if I don’t show their mascot or logo. As was true of cartoons, they weren’t interested in the art so much as seeing the concept.


Signs that your neighbors may be a problem

Back in the day, I used to send out writing to magazines, trying to get pieces published. Mostly it was prose, either essays or humor, but at least once I tried to do something with funny little drawings I made. I even got an encouraging letter from MADĀ© Magazine, along the lines of “send us more stuff to look at,” which of course I did. If I recall correctly, they weren’t interested in the art so much as the ideas (it’s fuzzy to me now but I think their artists would have done the actual drawing if they’d been interested – which they, ultimately, sadly, were not). At any rate, I sent them a few things, and I think this was one. I still think it’s funny.