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Shedding a “little” light on it

What lurks in the heart of the 3-way bulb?

What lurks in the heart of the 3-way bulb?

I have never had any luck with incandescent 3-way light bulbs (yes, I still have a smattering of incandescents, and no, I’m not hoarding them like some people. You should see the crazed discussions online, like Amazon: give me life, liberty and my incandescent bulbs – I’m pretty sure that’s in the Constitution.).

From talking to people in real life, I know I’m not the only one to have a pricey 3-way bulb soon become a 1-way, invariably leaving only the crappiest wattage in working order, typically a 50-watt.

I’ve had a 3-way incandescent bulb successfully working on a lamp for about a year now. I believe this is a personal best. Each time I’ve made it go through its 3 paces, I’ve been kind of surprised but pleased like getting a present. However, I moved the lamp the other day and now the bulb is flickering and suggesting it’s ailing. Sometimes I feel like I should just take a 3-way bulb and smash it just to get the inevitable over with. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the right attitude.