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Short Thought 231 (levity)

I said one of my kinda resolutions for 2019 was more levity. I can’t tell you I’m exactly yukking it up over here but I have something to share, namely The Kids Are Alright, Tuesday nights at 8:30pm on ABC. It’s the second season of the smart, very funny half-hour comedy featuring a Catholic family with 8 – eight – sons set in the early 1970’s. A personal frame of reference might add to the humor but I daresay the show is a hoot in its own right. The thing that makes the show exceptional is the believability; each character is well drawn and an individual; these aren’t a bunch of interchangeable kids talking nothing like actual children. The lines come fast; I’m still thinking about the last one and they’ve moved on to the next. If you were passing by, you’d likely hear me laughing – loudly. It’s been a long time since I had a “show”, a network TV show I made a point to watch each week. I’m only sorry I didn’t discover it sooner.

The funniest DVD I saw recently was Game Night. I had held off seeing it because I mistakenly thought it was a scary movie. It isn’t; it’s a dark comedy. Again, it’s the most I’ve laughed watching a DVD in quite awhile. (Perhaps my viewing diet of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Affair, and The Handmaid’s Tale have something to do with this.šŸ˜

Roz Chast (and my “Humor” file)

Roz Chast is a writer/cartoonist. I first discovered her over 20 years ago. These were theĀ comics, “Bartlett’s Unfamiliar Quotations”, that I saw. I about lost it. Chast is a cartoonist for The New Yorker but I don’t read that publication; I think I saw these particular ones reprinted in a City paper. I clipped them out and still have the yellowing newspaper in my “Humor” file, a thick collection of various odds & ends I’ve found funny. It serves no purpose other than to amuse me. I don’t know if this is unusual but my humor has been fairly consistent; the things I found funny in decades past are still likely to make me laugh.

Roz Chast recently publishedĀ Going Into Town: A Love Letter To New York, described as a “graphic memoir.” As soon as I heard about it I reserved it at the library. It’s a great, quick-read book. I’ll grant you my reading material as of late hasn’t been all that funny but I laughed more resding this book than any I can recall in a long time.

I don’t think you’d need any particular familiarity with New York to enjoy this book. I spent a little time in New York long ago but that is the extent of my firsthand knowledge. To be honest, I never truly understood the layout of the burroughs exactly or Manhattan’s streets before seeing Chast’s illustratios. Her New York is quirky and fun – this isn’t a book about subway murders or gang violence. She’s a middle class – probably upper middle – white lady; she’s writing about what she knows, not Harlem. I think that I need to make that clear but for me it takes nothing from the book or its point.

After reading the book in one sitting (about an hour) I went looking in my Humor file for that old comic. I would have posted it here instead of just adding a link but I expect that would be a copyright violation. While looking through the file I found a “one panel” comic I drew. The weird thing is, that while I KNOW I drew this – and feel it wasn’t that terribly long ago – I don’t definitively know why I drew it. This isn’t like me; I can remember things I drew in grade school so this memory blank is odd. I can certainly imagine what I must have been thinking/feeling, that’s not too hard! It made me laugh now so I thought I’d share it with you.


Why would a jalapeƱo wear high tops?

I bought a jar of sliced jalapeƱo peppers a little while ago and just opened them. That was when I noticed the lid.


Is he going somewhere? Running somewhere? I actually kind of like his retro quality even when I think he looks more like a pickle. I mean if you didn’t know, wouldn’t you think it was a happy pickle? I further don’t understand the slogan “Uncommon Quality From People Who Care” in this context. Shouldn’t the jalapeƱo be the one saying something here like “Bite Me and I Bite Back”? I feel there is a disconnect between the jalapeƱo and the words. At the least they could reference why he seems so euphoric (“Our Vegetables Get Only the Best Dirt!”) or why he needs footwear (“Vegetables Rushed From the Farm to You”). I’m just puzzled is all.

Things Men Have Said To Me (#28)

The recent term “alternative facts” regarding how many people attended the inauguration reminded me of something said to me long ago.

He was a new friend. I knew he got high but that’s not my thing. He was visiting one afternoon and we were having a discussion – I forget about what – and he said something questionable that I then challenged. He became somewhat indignant and offered a swift rejoinder.

HIM: “It’s aĀ factual fact.

That’s when I realized he was stoned.

We didn’t stay friends but to this day I trot out his words when I think my words need that little extraĀ emphasis.

Readers, could you use a laugh?

Before I ever started blogging one of the random things I did online was write funny captions in a regular “contest”. The site put up a picture, maybe a cartoon or even an old movie still, and entrants wrote captions which appeared below the picture with their name. You could write as many as you wanted for each one. It wasn’t exactly a contest which is why I wrote the word in quotes. It seemed like the pet project of a congenial young fellow, one which never took off the way I expect he’d have liked.

I didn’t tell anybody I was doing it. It’s the kind of writing I love to do (and wish somebody would pay me for – sigh) and I was happy to have the outlet. After awhile though, I felt like it wasn’t a very good use of my time (ahem, which isn’t to suggest my time gets used brilliantly on whole, ahem – yes that deserved two ahems).

I went looking now and found the site abandoned in 2015 BUT I found all my entries still online. I invite you to check them out. There’s a lot there. They are fresh to me because it’s been so long that I don’t remember most of them. I’d caution that the pictures are quite small and would be best viewed on a full size screen but if you click on any picture that will enlarge it. Ā Here’s my entries. Go on! They’re funny!