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Casual Fall outfit 2020 (Bargain Style)

It’s been a year since I posted an outfit. How time flies… in the midst of a world pandemic when your country is pulling apart at the seams. But you still have to get dressed and it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun with it. After a summer of tank tops & shorts, I’m ready for Fall variety.

I  put this together to run a (safe) errand the other day. The centerpiece is a charcoal-colored, 3/4 sleeve unstructured New York & Company Comfort Zone jacket. I’ve had this super soft, cotton spandex jacket I found at a thrift store for a number of years but somehow either missed the season for wearing it – the 3/4 sleeves limit it – or wasn’t sure how best to use it. As I’ve thinned my clothes, it has stayed & I’ve been determined to figure it out now.

It has this adorable lining even though it doesn’t show when wearing; the inside of the pockets is lined too (I pulled one out).

The inner sleeves are ruched with elastic

The jacket looked terrific with this deep red, sleeveless Forever21 top (another thrift find) BUT I wanted to wear black leggings & found that while this pretty top is butt-covering in length, it rode up as I moved around. It’s no fun to actually plan to spend your time in public yanking on your clothes.😐

Instead I wore a long black camisole and and broke up the dark monotony with colorful accents: a gorgeous secondhand scarf, boots, jewelry.

The basic outfit just right for a sunny but cool October day

This is the easiest way to tie a long scarf. Fold it in half and pull the ends through the loop. You can adjust it snug or loose from there.

These U.S. made Sloggers “Midsummer Black” rain boots (purchased from Amazon)  suited the weather and paired well with the scarf colors. Sloggers have many beautiful designs but I love this one enough to have bought it twice.

I wore a chunky cuff bracelet – both yard sale finds – on each wrist.

See how they pick up the scarf colors.

I made the dangly earrings & got the Avon ring secondhand years ago.

Just for fun, here’s how the deep red top could work with jeans & boots.

With charcoal colored ankle boots

Or tall black boots