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Healthy, Easy Tomato Juice

I got this idea from someone else’s recipe and then doctored the ingredients just a bit. Tomato juice in the store is usually loaded with salt. You can make your own delicious, healthy version with a can of tomato paste. I got a can of store brand for .50. (If you like this drink, I suggest grabbing a bunch of cans when they’re cheap or on sale.)

The label on the can I bought listed Vitamins A and C, as well as protein, iron and fiber. (Looking online I see that a name brand tomato paste also includes potassium so it’s safe to assume that’s in there too.)


Put the tomato paste into a blender with water. I filled the blender to the top line, 6 cups. Then add a splash of lime juice. Any kind will do but I had a fancy-pants brand which is really tasty.


Finally, add just a bit of fresh ground pepper and blend all the ingredients. There’s 150 calories in a single can of tomato paste so a one-cup drink of this juice is under 30 calories. And good-for-you calories at that.


Store the extra in the fridge and drink or freeze within a few days since there’s no preservatives.

Pretty and tempting

Pretty and tempting