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Short Thought 190 (overheard)

Two thirteen year old girls were talking in the library.

“I don’t like my face without my glasses.”

“Take them off. Let me see.”

“No, my eyes are fat.” (takes off glasses)

“Your eyes aren’t fat! They’re unique. They’re unique!”

I didn’t dare look at the girl with the “fat” eyes. Even though I really wanted to know what fat eyes looked like.

Subtle changes to blog “header”

Earlier this year I updated my blog header (the static picture you see at the top of the blog)  by putting up 3 photos that “randomize” – hey, that’s the WordPress word for it, it being “automatically rotate.” I’ve tweaked it again by ditching one, adding another and slightly cropping the other two (why? Eh, one of the photos was bothering me and I wanted to make the cropping more consistent).

Anyway, here’s the photo I’ve added.



(Joining the slightly cropped “keepers”)