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“Making” earrings to match a necklace

I bought this necklace two years ago at an annual, second-hand, vintage costume jewelry sale the local synagogue holds (that’s open to anyone). I was very taken with the necklace. It reminds me of Fall, what with the gold leaves and the autumnal colors. I haven’t worn it too often since because in large part, I didn’t have the right earrings to go with it.


This was taken outside in daylight


Indoor light. 

While looking at it yesterday it occurred to me I could take pieces from the necklace – that wouldn’t be missed – and make earrings to match. I removed two “glass” (they’re actually plastic) beads and put them on hooks. All this required was a little dexterity, pliers and a spare set of “fish hook” style hooks. This is just a personal preference, but when I have a “loud” attention-getting necklace, I prefer more subtle earrings – and vice versa – so the pieces aren’t competing with each other or it looks like overkill.


Aren’t they sweet? I actually like having two different colors. 

I wore the set yesterday (with jeans and a pretty top, nothing fancy) and it made me so happy.