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Lights! (no camera, no action)

I always like seeing string lights or other “fancy” lights in other people’s homes, although admittedly, these homes have often been on TV or in movies. I realize they’re sets but I still look around the rooms on the screen to get ideas.

These lights came from a church rummage sale. There’s often various lights, usually Christmas lights, for sale at these events. I find an electrical outlet for a test before I buy. I was enchanted with the intricate design. Also, they can be left up year-round since they’re “non-denominational” – they don’t scream Christmas, Halloween or Baby’s First Birthday! It happens that there already were several oddly-placed hooks in the ceiling so I took advantage of them to string up the lights.

Here’s a “panoramic” shot across the ceiling. This photo doesn’t show the detailed design but I wanted to give you the full-room effect. IMG_20160729_201331_pan.


Look at the beautiful design they cast!  

I sprung for this fancy outlet adapter with switch that I saw on Amazon for $3. Isn’t that a clever gadget?!