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Casual Summer Sunday Outfit (Bargain Style)

I have this really interesting sleeveless Worthington top with asymmetrical sleeves that I found secondhand.   I love the colors in it and the line pattern makes me think tropical. It’s fitted and lady-like in its cut.


Aside: I also have a Ronni Nicole sleeveless dress in similar colors that I got at Ross marked down to a few dollars.  Something about black/white/lime is very appealing and not a combo I see often.


But this is about the top. I combined it with black shorts. The shorts aren’t dressy but at the moment they’re my only black shorts and I tried them on at it worked. The slight flare in the loose shorts offset the snug fit of the top.

Now here’s where this outfit gets fun. I have knock-off Vans I found at a Five Below store. I like them fine and have gotten good use out of them. They looked just right with this outfit.

Awhile back in a post on “Free and Cheap” things I’d acquired, I showed a couple pairs of sunglasses. I thought the polka-dot cats eyes would be great with the top.  Found at a big indoor yard sale at the fire house, they cost a quarter!




I wore my hair high in a bun and went with large silver hoop earrings. I typically wear colorful, dangly earrings but with a flashy colorful top I sometimes tone down my earrings and any other jewelry and “let the clothes do the talking.”


This is the only other jewelry I wore, a wide green cuff (fiund at a yard sale) that doesn’t get lost with the flash of the rest of the look.


Outfit for a warm Feb day (bargain style)

I haven’t shown you one of my bargain outfits in awhile. I wore this on an unusually mild late February day.



The 3/4 length Fragile brand jeans were a thrift store find. The length at half-calf is flattering and the cuff adds an interesting accent. The Heart & Hips brand  top I got last month at Ross for.99!


It may have started at higher than the listed $5.99 since there is another sticker below the first. However, my efforts to peel it back to see were unsuccessful



It has a subtle stripe

I’m going to break blog tradition here because the virtues of this great top can’t be appreciated without seeing it worn. I have always thought off-shoulder tops were very cute but I have none. Frankly, when you predominantly rely on thrift stores for your clothes, you can’t be very particular – and I can say I’ve never seen a top like this in one.


Chic no?


I got the Teva shoes for $3 in the Fall from a local church thrift store. To be honest, years ago I’d seen a friend in shoes like these and didn’t think they were very attractive. I’d never had shoes like them – in fact, my footwear in general was very limited till about 10 years ago when I started branching out and accumulating more shoes (in no small part because I had gotten rid of my car and now considered shoes the equivalent of tires).  Anyway, these shoes are outrageously comfortable. They feel like tennis shoes. I work them with black footie-type socks that don’t show.


I don’t know what color that is exactly but it’s a great match for the top




The quarter is for size reference (not what anything cost!)



How cool are these?!

A word on the accessories. I just treated myself to the cat’s eye sunglasses which I found on Amazon for $5, which is honestly the most I’ve ever paid! I made the earrings; they were initially just the triangular pieces and I added the other parts. I also just got the watch from Amazon for $6. The watch face is huge! I love it.  (I haven’t had a proper watch in years – instead I have a couple old watch faces, one of which I attached on a key ring to a zipper on my “everyday”purse).