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Outfit for a cold January day (bargain style)

It’s trickier to look good in winter. And stay warm. Too many winter clothes seem bulky, shapeless, and generally unflattering. I like body-fitting clothes that don’t allow chilly breezes to easily pass through and also let me feel more woman, less abominable snowman.



I’ve had these Miss Posh (a UK brand) legging pants for several years. I found them discounted at a Ross store. I call them “legging pants” because they have structure and some heft, unlike so many flimsy leggings that soon pill and stretch out (and you wouldn’t dream of wearing without a long, butt-covering top).

A local church thrift store put out its winter stock in 2015 when it was still kinda warm and nobody was looking at sweaters. I happened to be there that day and pounced on the opportunity to look through the clothes before they were too picked-over. That’s how I found this great (International Concepts) sweater for $3. Sweaters usually itch the hell out of me, besides which most second hand ones are stretched out and often pretty hideous. So I don’t own many sweaters. This was a great find. The arms are long enough for me – yay – and it’s non-itchy.


I made these earrings recently. So festive.

I got the Lauren Conrad boots for a couple bucks at a thrift store. Lace-up boots are fun and sexy. A low-heel and warm, faux-fur lining make these practical as well.

The unstructured hat, which I found in the Fall for $2 at big yard sale featuring many sellers, has a furry feel to the touch (like a soft cat) and compliments the sweater’s fabric. It doesn’t have a brand name on it but the tag says it’s made of nylon & spandex. I have a small collection of pretty pins and add them to my coats and hats. It seems silly to put on jewelry that gets completely covered by hats, coats, scarves, etcetera so I like my outerwear to sport jewelry of its own.

Finally, a woman was selling the Perlina bag on an online yardsale group. She asked $5 but I didn’t want (or need) it that much. I even went home without the purse but then took a chance and offered $3 which the seller accepted to my happy surprise. It’s very shiny.


I have never referred to a purse as a “bag” before but this one merits the fancy descriptor.