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Besotted by the view

If I am not actually outside I am looking outside. I’ve always been this way. Times (in life) I haven’t had access to windows, I hated it. Years ago when I did one of those personal exercises where you list things you’d want in a job, I included windows.

A few weeks ago an ailing tree very nearby was removed. As long as I’d known the tree it’d had a major gouge at its base and I suppose that kept it from flourishing. As the tree was close it both blocked the view beyond it somewhat and effectively “stopped the eye.” I didn’t realize that exactly till it was gone.

The “new” view features two further away trees which are dead. Years ago when it was obvious to me the first one was toast, I left a polite note on the presumed owner’s mailbox, basically saying, Hello Neighbor, just want you to know your tree looks like it’s dead. The owner didn’t do anything about it and as of this summer the tree to its right also looks mostly dead.

Oct 18

Nov 5

Nov 11

Another angle

Having dead trees nearby isn’t ideal and while I’m not the greatest judge of distances, it does seem like if one of ’em was to fall over from its base in this direction, well, I might see it up close & personal as it crashed through a window. But, thinking about it, in my experience, dead trees left to their own affairs tend to come down in pieces. 

Initially, I thought, oh great, a view of two dead trees. But I soon changed my tune. The birds, especially woodpeckers LOVE the dead trees and they (birds) are fun to watch. And moreover, it’s now easier to watch all sorts of birds in flight in this lightly wooded area. The view is just broader, in every sense. The yard itself is having a really gorgeous fall too. I can’t stop looking out. No doubt novelty is part of the immediate appeal but I have to say that with everything that’s gone on this year, I appreciate and rely on little things like drinking in the view out the window more than ever. It relaxes and calms me, sure and steady.


Bird Waiting Room

I happened to have my tablet with me when I saw these sparrows waiting on “shelves” to go into the vents. And I liked the sharp contrasts of colors.




Where’d my beloved sun go?

I’m well aware of the shortening of days. It bothers me, leaves an unsettled feeling for what’s ahead, not quite dread, but a distant cousin of it. Another blogger referenced the “pitiless elemental ferocities,” which is about as good and succinct a way of describing winter’s harshness as I’ve ever heard.

A summer girl through and through, I’ve diligently made a point to “make my peace” with the darker, colder seasons, to counteract the gloom with plentiful indoor light and cheery decor, and to find things to enjoy in the weather. It’s a stretch at times; once I’ve acknowledged the scrumptious pleasure of huddling under a thick pillow of blankets, cozy and satisfied, on a chillingly cold winter’s night, or sipping a cup of hot chocolate after an invigorating foray outdoors, the “list” starts to kind of dry up.

The change in day’s light, the brisk early mornings, and the first leaves turning, are naturally the obvious signs something is afoot. But there are secondary shifts that I have not thought about as much. It’s the quiet. The fans and the air conditioners are silent and still, the doors and windows are shut, and the chirps of birds are distant and less frequent. Everything feels muffled. I feel disconnected from the outside world, residing in my own bubble.

In time, I will adjust and become more comfortable in the bubble-world, shift gears, and invest more in the kinds of pastimes that are best suited to long, cold winter days. I will pop corn, knit, and sing ditties around the hearth. All right, I’m kidding – just want to make sure you’re with me. I can’t knit, I can’t sing, and there is no hearth. However, corn WILL be popped.

I know that I will stare wistfully out the window, trying to imagine what summer felt like, trying, unsuccessfully, to remember it. I never truly can. I know I did this or that, but I just can’t quite get back there, and part of me secretly, irrationally, fears the warm season will never return. I feel like a simple, ancient human who thinks I’m being punished by vindictive gods who’ve stolen the sun.

My bird bathing station is all the rage

These aren’t good photos (taken from a tablet on zoom, through a screen tent & cropped – shocking they aren’t high caliber) but I wanted to show you a couple visitors to the Bird Bath Station this summer. No, I don’t mean the stone lions.

This was just before the dove freaked out as doves are wont to do

This was just before the dove freaked out as doves are wont to do

Chickadees are the cutest

Chickadees are the cutest

Each titmouse gets their own pool

Each titmouse gets their own pool

Mr. Squirrel takes a dainty sip

Mr. Squirrel takes a dainty sip

Catbird had been shy but not today.

Catbird had been shy but not today.

How very refreshing!

“How very refreshing!”

Let me shimmy this way.

“Let me shimmy this way.”

Getting into this.

“Getting into this.”

This one might be better.

“This one might be better.”

Oh, I love it when I have all the pools to myself! The way it SHOULD be.

“Oh, I love it when I have all the pools to myself! The way it SHOULD be.”

Well, that oughta do it for today. Damn, I wish the snack bar was open.

“Well, that oughta do it for today. Damn, I wish the snack bar was open.”