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Saturday’s rummage finds (the bargain hunter in her natural habitat)

I hit 2 rummage sales and one yard sale this past Saturday and want to share what I got. I’ve said it before, but Show and Tell was my favorite thing in early grade school.

Before I launch into the finds, let me reiterate that I’m definitely anti-clutter and have unloaded A LOT of stuff over many years and routinely get rid of things. Just last week I was in a certain kind of mood one day and told myself, “Find five things to get rid of” (which makes it kind of a game). It took about 1.5 hours to hit my goal which I took as a very good sign – it means I’ve already gotten rid of most of the stuff that I should. Along the way I found a couple things for recycling too but they couldn’t count in the 5 items.

So, onto my acquisitions. At the first rummage sale, one with many tables at the fire house, I took my time and found a couple good things.

On first glance I thought this necklace might be a vintage costume piece. It wasn’t but for a buck, I still liked it. These pictures don’t do it justice; it’s a brighter more attractive gold.


It’s huge! 6″ end to end


Scented candle in tin, so nice in winter


Eye shadows and a .10 Scunci brand hair clip

Modeling the hair clip (I’ve been growing my hair & this clip particularly makes it look super long):

I next went to a church holiday fair which included “White Elephant” items.


$1 for a 100 white light strand (I’ll be attaching them to a 100 light strand I already have and will use to decorate in December)


I was delighted to find this plug-in light Jack-o-lantern for a dollar


The sales lady gave me this gorgeous 13″ candle along with my jack-o-lantern; I don’t think she expected many shoppers to want Halloween stuff at a Christmas fair

My last stop was a local yard sale. I didn’t get much but it was worth stopping.


Unused lamp switch and a Craftsman screw driver, for a quarter together!


Easy Spirit shoes, lots of use left, for just $1; here they are fresh from the washer

For under $6 I got all these useful-to-me finds. And it was fun.

Finds at the Nursery School Yard Sale

This is a just-for-fun post. I went to the cooperative nursery school’s annual yard sale yesterday. It started at 8am so I was up and out early on a quiet, cool, foggy morning. It was worth it though, since I found a couple good things. I was surprised to find plenty of people already milling around the picnic tables and tarps loaded with goods, especially because rain threatened.

The shoes weren’t promising but rooting around through the clothes yielded two tops, one a deep purple Reebok zip-up top and another a velvety, deep emerald green long-sleeved top. I’m afraid my tablet photo doesn’t do the green top justice; it’s prettier than it looks. I don’t usually buy clothes I can’t try on first unless they are dirt cheap so I kept my clothes purchases minimal as clothes were $2 (my idea of cheap is .50 or $1, just saying).



The best find was a beautiful, wool, chocolate brown Downton Abbey style hat. I have been lucky enough to previously find a blue/gray Downton Abbey type of hat at a thrift store last year. I LOVED the hats on Downton Abbey and would have been attracted to them at any time but in the past hats like this didn’t turn up in my second-hand searches. Maybe the show is to credit with the availability/production of such hats; I don’t follow fashion closely enough to say for sure. I’m just glad I have two! For a buck apiece! Anything that I buy like this I wash; in this case I hand-washed the hat and spun it in a laundry bag in the washing machine. (And? Have you heard? A Downtown Abbey movie is in the works, yay!)

This sweet shell bracelet was just .50. It’s lovely.

The last find was an Old Navy lined carryall bag (I didn’t realize that’s who made it until I looked at home) that was also a total bargain at .50. This bag looks like summer to me: beaches, pools, and picnics. I washed it and will put it away for next summer. It had a big yellow pompom on the strap and I promptly dispensed with that.

Note: Please forgive a day or two’s delay in responding to any comments.

Creating clothes & accessories storage in my (small) bedroom

Last March (man, that sounds LONG ago now for some reason) I did a post aboutĀ making my bedroom a cheerful sanctuary. I’ve been steadily improving the space over many years and it keeps getting better. It’s a small room and that forces me to get creative about decorating and storage, without feeling cramped. I want it to be cheerful and organized.

People’s closets are rather personal spaces and there’s several euphemisms to illustrate as much (“skeletons in the closet”, “coming out of the closet” and so on come to mind) and maybe I wasn’t quite ready to “show you my closet” before this but I must be feeling frisky now, friends.

My closet is 5′ long and 2′ wide. I hang most of my clothes on the over-worked rod, which is especially packed now because 1) in between seasons calls for both warm and cool weather clothes to be on-hand and 2) I bought a bunch of beautiful new-to-me tops this summer when the local church thrift store marked down their summer clothes to $1 apiece, and further marked them down to $3 and then $1 a bag. When things were a $1 I found many tops I liked (somewhere down the line I’d like to share them here on the blog) and now the rod is stuffed.Ā 


Curtain covers closet

I am unorthodox I expect in that I keep boots on two shelves above the clothes but that has worked best. The closet initially had just one shelf but I’d often peer up into the ceiling area eyeing all that excess space up there just doing nuthin’. With trial and error, I figured that the upper shelf I put in needed to be more shallow than the lower or a) I couldn’t see what the hell was on it and b) I couldn’t get whatever that stuff was down.


Shoes go on a rack below. It’s pretty packed now too because of the changing season (I’m still wearing “fashion sneakers” but have also begun to wear short boots). You’ll notice the absence of “dress shoes”. My footwear has grown increasingly lower heeled/casual but I am making moves to bring in dressy, low-heeled shoes that aren’t boots (I just bought saddle shoes! Sure to be seen in an future post).


I make use of two multi-hangers to make more space in the closet.



I like short black skirts what can I say

I put two large green Dollar Tree fabric bins on a shelf over the closet (that you can see in the first picture above). They hold “overflow”, in this case athletic and warm winter socks in one and my purses in the other. I move things in or out depending on the season.



I’d like my closet to be prettierĀ inside but I need to figure out how to best do that (wallpaper on the back wall behind the clothes? A runner rug on the floor?)Ā  but at least it’s going the right direction. I did put in a prettier shelf with a nice scalloped edge as well as a new closet rod. I moved/attached that rod up a little higher than normal because I’m tall enough to see it and it gave me more room for the shoes below.

I’ve posted about these tall IKEA cabinets I found early in 2016 and how I use one for clothes storage like socks, jeans, leggings, and scarves. Here’s the one in my room with a couple close-ups. (I took ALL the shelves from both units to use in just this one so I have tons of adjustable shelves.)



I fold my socks in half to store them.




Thinner dress scarves


Thicker dress scarves


Fabric bin for pajamas and “cozy footies”

Last week I found a terrific deal on Amazon for a set of 4 5-drawer small Sterlite plastic drawers. I already had a 3-drawer unit that I keep make-up in (I don’t have a lot of makeup so 3 tiny drawers are fine). There was a crack in one of the new drawers so I got it marked down. Until I saw these 20 drawers, I hadn’t known that was what I wanted but it gave me an idea! I’d put everything small in tiny drawers. Hoo baby, there was no stopping me now!


I found/painted this shelf unit a few years back. With the shelves removed the Sterlite drawers fit perfectly.





Thin dress socks


I got the tiny plastic containers (a 10 pack) from Dollar Tree



I’m delighted with all these little drawers for storage – I have to SEE what I own or the things cease to exist; that’s something I’ve figured out about myself. It all needs to be visible and accessible.


NOTE: still having internet issues and may not respond to any comments right away but I still like them!

“New” bag

I wrote about findingĀ Ā the carryall bag of my cheap dreamsĀ several months ago. I was so pleased to snag an inexpensive bag that could hold a lot of stuff Ā (purse, library books, an umbrella, etc) and still look stylish. Before finding that bag I was relying on cumbersome backpacks a lot. As is often the case with things I want, I’d had the idea of such a bagĀ in my head a long time before I found it at a price I liked. Since then I use that Leeds bag all the time.

My luck continued in late 2016 when I happened on this brown bag at a local church thrift store. It had been $2 but was on a rack that said half-price. I think the reason it was marked so cheap was because the polka dots looked dingy when I found it. But I was able to scrub them with soap and a toothbrush (my go-to small cleaning instrument) and then the dots popped. This bag isn’t quite so large as the black one but still big enough to hold several items, including my purse. It has a large pocket on the opposite side too. The brand isĀ Jack!e (Jacqueline Savage McFee). I never heard of it before but just found that she has a website, blog, and Facebook page, all of which seem to emphasize fabrics, i.e. not cute accessories like this.

Between the two colored bags – black and brown – I now have carryalls that go with everything.Ā I can’t tell you how organized and pulled together this has made me feel – like a grownup lady person!



It even has a detachable shoulder strap

Let’s fix up a bird cage thingie!

Two years ago while shopping I found a small decorative cage that was marked way down, under a buck. I was intrigued. It was obviously on sale because it was quite disfigured, like a giant had squeezed it in his paw-like hand. I wondered how it had gotten mangled, especially since it was made of strong metal. There was no way I could bend it back by my hand so I put it on the floor of the store aisle and stood on it, using my body weight to mostly realign the shape. (Wonder how that little display looked on the security cameras?)
And what did I need a decorative birdcage for you ask? Well, when I saw it I had an idea I could put suet for wild birds in it, so squirrels and big greedy blackbirds couldn’t gobble up all of the treat. (There are fancy-schmancy suet holders you can buy for this purpose but given my thrifty nature, well…) And I did use it successfully for that purpose the first winter. The little birds were initially leery but they got the hang of it.

It wasn’t looking all that great now from its time outside, and if I was going to keep it, it would have to be nicer. A friend (and long-time supporter of this blog) recently offered me some bright aqua spray paint. I love the color aqua and was sure I could do something with it. So I used that to paint the cage proper and decorated the little metal bird on top with other leftover paint I had. I was obviously unconcerned with its plumage resembling any actual bird.

The cute bird sold me on this cage

The cute bird sold me on this cage

The little door opens

The little door opens