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Things Men Have Said To Me (#10)

He was forty-ish; I was younger. We’d only been out once or twice. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about him. In a phone call, he suggested we go swimming. Not to a beach, or lake, or private pool, or water park where there’d be fun rides or whatever it is people do at water parks. No. He wanted us to go to a new indoor athletic center with lap lane swimming. It sounded odd. He didn’t even sweeten the deal by saying something like ‘let’s go lap swimming and then I’ll take you to lunch.’

HIM: “It’s not just because I want to see you in a swimsuit either.”

(The swimsuit motive – which, phrased that way, sounded more skeevy than tempting and was better left unmentioned entirely – hadn’t occurred to me till he said that. I vetoed this particular “date.”)