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About them 2019 resolutions…

Okay, so I did all right. I won’t be crossing quite everything off the lists but I’m basically satisfied. In both 2018 and 2019 I made highly specific “kinda, sorta resolutions” tailored to me. It’s worked out well.
I read 33 books. The goal was 20. I did most of my reading in the early part of the year. I put check marks by 13 of them, indicating which ones I really appreciated.  I can’t read the way I used to; it takes more to hold my attention, more to get me to sit in a spot for hours with a book. Because of that, six of my 33 were books I’d read in years past and wanted to read again. Sometimes I just need a sure thing. I have little patience these days for trying to get into a book, trying to relate to characters, or trying to care about the subject matter. I get restless. And I KNOW there are books – like all things – which can hold me; it’s a matter of finding them.

A year ago I bought a yoga mat and a DVD player for the TV in the living room, the only place (other than outside!) where I have space for doing yoga. As with the reading, most of my yoga was done earlier in the year. I am very active outdoors most of the year and didn’t need more exercise of any stripe. Because I hadn’t totally factored that in I fell somewhat short of my intentions. I’ve done the five-minute “sun salutation” 38 of 50 planned times and the 30-minutes of yoga just half of 25 planned times. That said, when I DID do yoga it was usually in 40-45 minute increments per the instructional DVDs.

I like yoga. I don’t worry much about fussy breathing or learning all the poses’ names, or anything that might daunt, bore, or intimidate me. To me, yoga is exercise. Exercise focused on strength, balance, and stretch. It’ll make your body move in ways it wouldn’t in the normal course of a day which is an especially good idea for anyone who is aging. Otherwise you end up like the tin man!😯 I want to be strong, agile, and spry as long as possible. The way I live is dependent on it at many levels. I will not go down easily. I know I’ll be doing yoga over the winter.

I did ZIPPO with learning Italian from cds. That fell off the map in short order because I wasn’t enjoying it and I wasn’t learning Italian. All I can say is I recently heard “piazza” somewhere or other and knew it meant plaza.😐 I think I ‘d like to learn – or try to learn – key phrases and words at least as a starting-off point rather than attempt the language itself. That, or I need different cds. I felt inept very quickly with the set I was using. Other than English, I have never felt I had an aptitude for languages and my opinion after this year hasn’t changed a whit.

Thai cooking wasn’t a success either. Thai cooking, it seems, requires a lot of ingredients I don’t typically have and more trouble than I wanted to invest. I did attempt spring rolls because I love them when I have them out but mine, which I decided to bake since I cook NOTHING in pots of oil, were okay, not great.  Instead, I continued to make this Thai-inspired cole slaw. If I can find more recipes like it, I’d definitely try them. Lime, peanuts, cilantro, be still my heart!

I watched a lot of DVDs, both movies and series. I had wanted an idea of the number since I’d never kept track. The thing I realized is that as with books, I need the right movies or series to hold me. I ADORE movies, as I adore books and music. But a lot of each is just average, nothing special, not to me. I want the gems, the ones I get excited about, the ones that thrill me, and make me sit back in awe of someone else’s brilliance and accomplishment. How did they do that?! That’s the feeling I want. That’s why I read, watch movies/series, and listen to music.  I want to have that O-MI-GOD feeling. Am I demanding? Do I expect too much? Yeah, well maybe. But once you’ve had that feeling, it’s Continue reading


I sort of joke – but I’m not entirely joking – when I say that I want a man to treat me the way Amazon does. How so?

Amazon makes my life better. Amazon is interesting and stimulating and does things to hold my attention. Amazon mixes it up and doesn’t take the chance of letting me get bored. Amazon even feeds me; I get plenty of dry groceries from them (the way to this woman’s heart is definitely through her stomach). Amazon isn’t perfect but when Amazon screws up not only does Amazon say sorry, they usually do something concrete to make amends. If I take issue with a transaction by and large Amazon doesn’t blow me off. They don’t make me wait around wondering; they communicate with me.

Amazon doesn’t always tell it straight and sometimes tries to blow smoke but I can usually get over that because it doesn’t interfere with my overall experience. I don’t mean it’s a free ride – I have to do my part too,  be a good customer, or Amazon loses interest in me. it’s not charity and it’s reciprocal. Amazon sends me a strong message that they want me around but they don’t push or act clingy. They don’t take me for granted. And I say this after years. Amazon had to earn – and keep – my trust.

I read once online that people think they’re having a relationship with Amazon but in fact they’re not. The thing is I know I’m having a relationship with Amazon. Amazon is a player in my life. I would be very, very sorry if for some reason Amazon went away or dumped me or I could no longer use them. I’d get over it and move on but I’d have a tough time of it. I’d feel sad for myself. Kind of like a breakup.

I try to think of Amazon in a less human way but they’re not making it easy.  More than once I’ve received a message from Customer Service, after I’ve alerted them that something is wrong, which refers to their desire to win back my heart.  Win back my heart?! Isn’t that what boyfriends and intimates say?? I realize that English isn’t the first language for many of Amazon’s reps (this is obvious in many cases) but still. The thing is it’s kind of charming when they say things like this. Even though I know it’s almost like a robot or android is telling me sweet nothings; how personal could it possibly be? When you correspond with Amazon as regularly as I do it is also obvious certain templates and canned phrases are used by them. Somehow I doubt “win back your heart” is one of them but who knows?

Once in awhile something genuine slips through from their side and I find myself again charmed. I usually write back a thank you or words of appreciation when Amazon does me a good turn or corrects an error. The same as I’d do with real people. And more than once they have responded kindly. I figure they take a lot of abuse so I am never rude, demanding, or nasty even when I’m annoyed with them. Once a customer service rep expressed pleased surprise at my thanks, saying that they don’t usually hear from customers after an issue is resolved. Another said they’d share my appreciation with co-workers and more or less said that hearing complimentary words kept their spirits up. That didn’t sound canned or rehearsed to me.

I didn’t grow up in an internet world. I grew up in a time when if you bought something by mail you filled out a little form, wrote a check and then waited “6-8 weeks” (everything was 6-8 weeks). If you wanted to contact them, you usually hand wrote or typed up a letter. Then you waited.  And waited.  This kind of interaction did not promote intimacy or a feeling of personal involvement  You may have trusted a brand or company or had confidence in them but it didn’t feel like a relationship, not like now, not like Amazon.