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Short Thought #258 (old age)

Note to self: when you get old don’t go around announcing your age to people looking for praise. Far too often when an older person proudly states their age, as in “I’m 80!” I am thinking, “Really? I was thinking more like 90.” 😐

Good signs for bad pets

I had a friend who had a dog that had bitten a couple people and had other behavior issues. I had a real problem with this and definitely, albeit tactfully as I could, made judgements. At a minimum I thought the dog needed training. My friend didn’t believe in that saying that he didn’t want his dog to cower when he, the owner, came into the room. He said he’d always found rescue dogs to be a little “funny” and that I, as a non-owner, didn’t really understand dogs.

Whether I understood dogs or not could be debated, but I understood people pretty well. My friend interpreted the dog through human motivations and thoughts; the way he told it the dog generally had his reasons for his actions. According to him the dog was fear aggressive. Only half-joking, I said in that case the dog should wear a sign saying as much. Instead of

Please don’t pet me, I’m working

the sign could say

Watch your back, I’m fear aggressive

Short Thought #257 (marriage)

My mother blamed her children for her lousy marriage, since according to her, we were what she and my father argued about, and but for us they wouldn’t have a problem.

My parents dated, got married, and immediately began having children. Lots of children. If my mother’s words had any traction, you’d expect that once their children were all grown and gone, my parents could resume or begin that supposed good rapport. I don’t think I need to tell you no such thing happened.

Short Thought #255

In time I was to come to understand that when she declared, “I love to entertain!” what she really meant was, “I can’t stand to be alone with my own company.”

Even during the supposed quarantine she’s managed to keep a rotating cast of characters in play, avoiding any stretch of time with only herself. Her narcissism demands it. This is just the latest performance in a long-running show.

Short Thought #254

Not everyone is a worthy adversary. If you’re going to have one, they should at least be that. You want a nemesis to earn the title. A nuisance or irritant shouldn’t qualify. Deciding who’s who saves a lot of trouble and wasted energy.