How does one pass the time during one of the most unnerving days they’ve experienced in U.S. history? This one mostly distracted herself. I placed a grocery order & had it delivered (lotsa vegetables), took a 30-minute aerobic walk, watched the last episode of a DVD of American Vandal, and puttered in the yard.

I made a no-frills screen feeder to add to the “Bird Feeding Station” out of 4 lightweight, small boards nailed together with a spare piece of window screen stapled to the bottom. To hold it I initially tried four same-length pieces of wire (attached to 4 tiny eye hooks I screwed into the corners) but that didn’t work right so I just used string for now (it’ll probably need to be replaced down the road).

It held peanuts earlier in the day & the birds seemed at ease hopping in to get them

I mostly avoided the TV but happened to turn it on to catch Biden’s first speech, an encouraging (and emotional to me) bit of business.

Lastly, it’s a unusually mild, lovely day. I captured a honey bee – in November! – on my bird seed sunflower.

14 thoughts on “Waiting…

      1. Kate Crimmins

        For the past few months I have not had the concentration to read a book so no one is more surprised than I am. I will most likely finish it today so I’m hoping we get a decision. I’m curious how well the drug companies are doing. There must be an uptick on anti-depressants this year.

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        1. Colette Post author

          Upticks on alcohol, junk food, etc, I believe, so anti-anxiety meds & sleep aids probably selling well too. After NJ passed a marijuana law Tuesday, “how to roll a joint” was apparently the #1 google search there in the subsequent 24 hrs.

          Looks like you might need another absorbing book!

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    1. Colette Post author

      Thanks! The birds seem to appreciate it. Your activities sound very nice, relaxing to boot. I can only go so many hours today w/o checking the news. I watch a little, then turn it off. Even when it’s decided, I don’t want that to be my whole focus. Life is still out there…

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