Forecast: chilly, rainy, & windy with a chance of…sunflowers

Here it is Nov 1 in this 4-season climate. Summer is OVER. And yet… I’ve got birdseed sunflowers blooming! Here’s the thing. I have no recollection of planting them. The pot had held a tomato plant & bean plants both of which failed mid-summer.πŸ˜₯ I yanked the plants & pushed the pot aside. I have, in the past, planted black oil sunflower seeds that were sold as birdseed but I don’t think I planted these.

I noticed them coming up in the summer & eventually recognized them for what they were so I let them grow. As the days grew shorter and cooler I got nervous that they wouldn’t have time to bloom. The last two nights I put a cover over to protect them. After all, they’ve come this far!

Another reason I don’t think I’m responsible is the half-assed planting job. Granted, I’m not too fussy about planting things perfectly but let me show you how these were planted, two bunches of seeds jammed together. I wonder if Mr Squirrel had a paw in it? Stranger, there’s been no birdseed out since May, not here.

Just one of those unexplained, nice surprises.

18 thoughts on “Forecast: chilly, rainy, & windy with a chance of…sunflowers

  1. Sheila Moss

    I have had sunflowers come up from birdseed too. I cut down all my old Black-eyed Susans after they died and now they are coming up new and some are blooming. Well, okay. Guess they can’t wait for Spring.

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    1. Colette Post author

      Same here! Then I feel bad because I wonder if I cut all the Susans down too soon? But I hate when they get all mangy & moldy-leaf looking. Yesterday I saw irises with buds in the school garden!



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