Dear What’s-Your-Name

A relative, someone who is successful and I daresay prosperous by most definitions, and moreover, who wouldn’t know me if we came face-to-face on the street, sent (via a family email list) a request for money to subsidize their campaign for office. I did nothing but it would have have been fun to reply

Who ARE you and how did you get this number?!

12 thoughts on “Dear What’s-Your-Name

    1. Colette Post author

      Yes, some of us need to learn to ask for things! I don’t think I’d solicit my relatives even if I needed life-saving medical treatment.😐


  1. Pistachios

    Did they at least include information about what causes they support, changes they want to implement, etc? I hope it wasn’t just a “we are family, please give me money” email.

    We had local council elections earlier this year, and apparently one of the independent candidates was unemployed and on welfare. I guess your distant relative is at least a step above that…

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    1. Colette Post author

      Not a peep about intentions & in another state I’ve never been to. Heh- we have a local person who routinely runs for City Council who at times has been homeless. At least one year they refused to put him on the ballot because he had no address.😐

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