Healthy Soft Pretzels…mmmm

Now that the weather has cooled, I’m more in the mood for baking. Last week I saw a post that gave me an idea. Soft bread sticks from a Betty Crocker recipe are already in my repertoire. I realized I could use that same recipe to make baked soft pretzels. Plus, I just bought a silicone baking mat and wanted to try it out. The real selling point is that they’re supposed to allow you to roll out doughs without sticking.

I won’t go through all the blow-by-mix instructions because it’s easy enough to find recipes online.

I used 1 1/3 water to dissolve the equivalent of a yeast packet (2.5 teaspoons), a little canola oil, a little honey, 2.5 cups whole wheat flour & 1 cup white flour. And a bit of coarse sea salt to throw over the prepared pretzels prior to baking (although to be honest, I forgot about the salt & hastily pulled the baking sheet back out of the oven just in time to add it 😯). That’s it for ingredients.

Risen dough

The Betty Crocker recipe said to make 24 portions so that’s what I did


After rolling the dough into a skinny strip, I followed pretzel-shaping instructions I found online

Give it a second twist

Then – and this is clever – FOLD the twisted half over so it sits atop the dough


20 baked soft pretzels


The bottom, golden brown

Because I started with 24 little dough balls, I had four leftover that I baked separately on a toaster oven sized pan. That worked out nicely because I promptly ate those four with a bit of hummus. OH-MI-GOD. So good!

I enjoyed using the silicone baking mat; the dough truly didn’t stick and it made the whole process easier. I’m curious how well it’d handle a pie dough. Due to very limited counter space I needed to move the dish drainer somewhere else but didn’t mind. And although I might have thought rolling out & shaping pretzels would be tedious, I found it cathartic. The Zen of Pretzel Making.

10 thoughts on “Healthy Soft Pretzels…mmmm

    1. Colette Post author

      Excellent! I never heard of them before I started seeing the mats on Amazon. Then, because it seemed like a somewhat frivolous purchase, I let one idle in my cart while I considered – till the price dropped to $5.

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  1. nrhatch

    I’ve made bagels a few times (also, yum!) but never pretzels (except for the place-and-bake ones in the freezer section). Glad you enjoyed your handiwork!

    I find most cooking chores to be quite Zen ~> peeling carrots and chopping onions in the NOW.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Colette Post author

      Never bagels yet for me. I do find cooking tasks tedious and not-fun at times depending on mood, fatigue, kitchen temp in summer (!) but on whole see deep importance in everything food means.

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