Pasta Salad

With the summer heat still in play, I don’t feel like doing a lot of cooking (and even less baking) but I do it. A pasta salad involves minimal cooking but still lets you get all your nutrients. For this one, I used a whole grain pasta which makes it even healthier. I don’t know about you but while I don’t like long whole grain pasta (spaghetti, etc) I do like it okay in smaller pastas (rotini, etc). I tried whole grain egg noodles once & those were good too.

My philosophy is to make plenty & have it over several days. I don’t get bored because all the additions keep it interesting. As with my big salads, I just see what I have on hand and add ingredients till there’s no more room in the bowl.😊 (This is my biggest bowl; 5″ deep, 10″ diameter. )

Whole grain rotini, 2 cups pre-cooking

Chickpeas, several cups

12Β  oz cooked frozen cauliflower

2 tomatoes, chopped

Roasted red peppers from jar

Fresh cilantro

Raw sunflower seeds

Can of tuna

Two chopped green onions

Button mushrooms, sliced thin

Feta cheese

Green olives, chopped

Two dill puckles, chopped

Dry dill seasoning

Mix of canola & olive oils

Balsamic vinegar

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