Today in the garden

It’s hard to fully tell you the pleasure the garden gives me. It is a living picture, a piece of art to gaze upon. Seriously! That’s how it feels. The years I’ve put into it pay dividends. Small but not miniscule, it draws me like any space indoors: What can I do here? How can I make it better? Would that look better moved over there? I rearrange just like inside, always tweaking details. It makes me happy. I spent nothing this year on plants or extras, things being what they are. I figured I’d work with what I have and then was fortunate that people gave me living things: tomato seedlings, seeds (basil, bean, okra), and just this week a hanging petunia with the palest shade of creamy yellow flowers. I gave away things too – about a dozen large hostas. I broke out my lovely chimes and my Dollar Tree decor 😁 (I thought to attach/tape my little spinners to a shepherd’s hook and bamboo stick so that they sit up off the ground and catch more wind – for such simple items they sure don’t lose my interest!).


The garden in the early morning through the window


The garden in the late afternoon through the window

14 thoughts on “Today in the garden

  1. Sheila Moss

    I love your garden blogs. Mine is recovering this year. Last year I was sick and unable to get out at all, so neglect and weeds took over quickly. It is a joy to see it coming back. A new favorite is 4 o’clocks. Have you ever tried them?

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    1. Colette Post author

      Thanks! 4 o’clocks sounds familiar but nothing visual immediately comes to mind. There is something so restorative about working in the yard, right?


            1. Colette Post author

              I just googled moonflower myself; in my area it’s an annual vine but they can be perennials. I didn’t know that. They’re very striking.


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