Short Thought #252 (friends)

When the virtues of having friends is being discussed, love and support are usually mentioned at the top of the list.  Camaraderie is another. Someone to do things with or to go places. One of the underrated virtues of a friend is ideas. You may think, as I often do, that you’re reasonably clever and can handle your business, but a friend is terrific for offering things like, “Why don’t you try this?” Or “Maybe you could say x next time that happens. ” Or “Here’s what works for me.” Or “Try spicy mustard on your grilled cheese.” Ideas. A good friend comes with them and makes your life the better for it.

6 thoughts on “Short Thought #252 (friends)

  1. realmontecristo

    I really like your opinion regarding what a good friend should be. Accompanying their close ones in a journey is definitely one of the best ways to build a bond. Thanks for sharing. By the way, please join my blog too, with notifications, if you find it interesting – let’s grow together!😊



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