Poor man’s woman ‘s breakfront

It should be apparent to anyone who reads this blog semi-regularly that I an mad for food, decidedly one of those people who lives to eat. I like the trappings of meals; dishes, presentation, etcetera, but when it comes to spending money, I prefer generally to put it toward actual food. Still, I’ve been thinking for awhile that I’d like to display some of my pretty dishes. In my fantasies I imagine having a china cabinet with glass doors and lighted shelves. Why, the linked one costs a mere $2700 ๐Ÿ˜• and would only require removing perhaps half the other furniture in this small home to make space for it. So yeah, I’m not going to be buying anything like that but my yearnings haven’t ceased.

I’ve recently posted about fixing up found shelves and found drawers. After I got the small drawers I no longer needed the open shelves in my room, which had kind of been a stop-gap measure anyway. I didn’t want to part with the shelves so soon, especially considering their secret message on the back which was there when I spotted them awaiting trash day.

I’ve also got this little wooden piece that’s in the living area that I found and fixed up in 2018. I like it a lot and it’s been great.
I was brainstorming and had an idea but wasn’t sure it’d work till I fetched the yardstick and did a few measurements. Voila! My idea, combining two pieces into one was going to work for my poor man’s woman’s simple breakfront. I thought breakfront was the right word and once I googled it, my definition was confirmed. A breakfront is merely two pieces, hence the break.

I put the open shelves on top of the white/orange/green unit (I don’t know what you call a piece of furniture with both a cabinet and drawers). The colors already matched; I just painted the backs of the open shelves white and took the long, narrow decorative front piece off the bottom and nailed it to the top. That last effort completed it – now it looks like one (intentional) piece. Standing 57″ tall and not 3′ wide, it’s of modest size but much bigger and it would likely overwhelm the space. (Furniture is swell but I still want room to walk around!) I was so excited to put dishes on the shelves. I realize without doors, the shelves & dishes will get dusty but I think the look of this makes it worth a bit of extra cleaning.

In the process of making this I bumped – only bumped – my beautiful, stupid icicle lights that hang from the high narrow shelf on the wall (above my new “breakfront) and they quit working.๐Ÿ˜ I was bummed, all the more because it’s the second strand to quit. I’m wondering if I should try something else, maybe a single strand of lights.


The lights that are no more


Here’s ths new piece in context – I’m delighted๐Ÿ˜Š

Lastly, the square table is a new-to-me piece I found this summer. I’ve really been liking it. (I still have a bigger table stored away if I need it.) My dream table for this spot is small and round. Who knows – one may just turn up some day… I doubt, however, that a china cabinet of my fancies will show up so for now, I’m satisfied with my little piece.๐Ÿ˜Š

11 thoughts on “Poor man’s woman ‘s breakfront

  1. Letitgocoach

    What you made is all you need. I used to have a china cabinet like the one in your link and the dishes never got used. It was like everything was on display and not usable. Not to mention the dusting that took all day. I love what you created! You can tell it was made with love and will be enjoyed. โค

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    1. Colette Post author

      That’s interesting. So having them where you saw them didn’t make you use them. Maybe because they were the “good” dishes? I still covet glass doors! Sometimes once you (I) get an idea, it’s hard to shake. Thank you for your words.๐Ÿ˜Š

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      1. Letitgocoach

        Right? It was like reaching into a glass house. Everything was mirrors and glass, even the shelves!

        When it was time for me to leave my marriage, my daughter saw me packing up half of everything that was stored in the china cabinet. She asked, “What are we doing with those?”, and I said, “We’re going to use them.” It really taught me, life is not to be displayed, but to be enjoyed.

        I’d like to have glass inserts on my kitchen cabinets. ๐Ÿ™‚

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        1. Colette Post author

          I’ve tried to figure out a way to put glass doors on the kitchen cabinets but they’re not really suited to that. Glass shelves scare me! (Especially any designed for bathrooms.๐Ÿ˜•) I love the answer you gave your daughter. If they break they break.

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          1. Letitgocoach

            I wouldn’t do the entire kitchen. Maybe just a couple of doors, so one can see our colorful plates and bowls. ๐Ÿ™‚ Right? They scare me too!

            Thank you lovely. We use the good stuff as everyday! โค

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