“Giddy yap” indeed

For several years now in December, in the privacy of my home, I’ve belted out the lyrics to Sleigh Ride. I have to do it without stopping and without messing up. I can’t sing but it’s an animated performance done with gusto as it should be.😁

I have never been nor particularly expect to go, on a “sleigh ride.” Still, the song paints the loveliest images of the season: good company, good food, snow, parties, and snuggling against the cold. Sounds pretty nice! I can imagine myself flying along in the sleigh or passing around pumpkin pie. A second piece? Why, I don’t mind if I do! Whipped cream? Oh yes, please!

The only part I don’t really get is the “birthday party at the home of Farmer Gray.” I don’t see where either a farmer or a birthday party fit into the song’s sensibility. Maybe they just needed a name to rhyme with “day” in the following line but if I allow that, I still don’t understand why they’re not going to a holiday party or a Christmas party. Why birthday? And whose? Farmer Gray’s? It’s not clear.

Anyway, I think it’s such a cheerful song without being a sappy one. I am charmed to hear it, even when it’s me in the kitchen.

11 thoughts on ““Giddy yap” indeed

  1. Becky Ross Michael

    Maybe it didn’t start out as a “holiday song,” as such? My memory of a sleigh ride was that it did take place in the country, outside of town, so that could fit in with the farm idea, I suppose. I also love to sing my favorites when no one is around!

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Oh yes, I can see a country “motif” for a sleigh ride but this one seems kind of frivolous, more of a lark than regular transportation in farm country – but who knows! Seems I’m not the only one who keeps her modest caroling to herself.😊

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