Short Thought 241 (hoarding)

I dated a man who was a paper hoarder. He collected piles of newspapers and other stacks of various papers in his home, not sure what exactly, as I never looked closely.  Hoarding has deep roots in people’s psyches and I wasn’t about to try to “fix” this problem. I did however, offer the suggestion that he at least make one rule for himself, namely, not to pile papers on top of the stove. I can’t say he took my advice.

9 thoughts on “Short Thought 241 (hoarding)

  1. Pistachios

    Haha I hoard paper too! But at least I just keep it on tables or shelves, and I swear I’ll use it all eventually! (it’s all blank paper from notes I don’t need any more, reverse sides of flyers etc, which I use for new notes, lists, etc)

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