Improvements to my bedroom “decor”

I’ve been tweaking my room for a long time. It was more or less okay when I last posted photo updates in late December but I wasn’t entirely satisfied with what I had on the wall over my bed. Last week I bought myself a present from Ross, a wonderful 30″ wide smiling, metal sun wall decoration for $13. My thought was to hang it over the bed and it did look really good there. However, I got another idea. 

I found a 5.5 foot long painted white board (where else but curbside?😊) and got inspired to make it a shelf high up on the wall behind my bed. I eliminated a shorter lime green shelf from another wall and took objects from it for the new shelf. It’s perfect! I then took one of my favorite framed prints, Anne Worthington’s Sunflower and centered that under the shelf. I flanked the poster with two small mirrors I already had on the wall but just moved them out a bit for balance.  I put the large metal sun to the right over my chair, where it looks terrific and at night is lit by the wall lamp near it. i hung my two long tealight holders on either end of the shelf.  I repositioned every picture & piece of wall art I have for better effect. Want to see it all?




I feel compelled to smile back at him


The hanging moon & Maxwell Parrish print in their new spots

The corner on the left of the bed has long challenged me but I’m much happer with this. Here’s the lamp I found a number of years ago which gave me the overarching co!or theme for the room. Prior to finding this lamp and getting inspired by it, everything i hadwas fairly random and nowhere near as appealing as it is now. The lamp highlights the poster, Morning Bouquet, a print I’ve had – and loved – for decades. My painted lime green long mirror is now in a good spot too. Eventually I’d like to get a nicer long mirror, something more substantial, but this works now.


Lastly, this hasn’t changed, but it’s the opposite wall, the one with the door (and puny closet), which I see every morning when I wake up. It makes me happy and now everything kind of fits together.



15 thoughts on “Improvements to my bedroom “decor”

  1. foguth

    Love the sun!
    You’re braver than I am to have a mirror in your bedroom. Can’t recall why, but as per my feng shui book, mirrors are tricky to use in decorating, so I confine mine to the bathroom.

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  2. JT Twissel

    It’s important to have a bedroom that nourishes your soul. I’m out in earthquake country and so probably couldn’t get a good night’s rest with a shelf of pottery over my head. But I love the subtle greens you’ve chosen and of course we all have to have something in the morning to remind us to smile.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Haha! Jan, for years I would have been too nervous to put pottery or anything heavy over my head and I *don’t live in earthquake country! So point taken. I decided to go low key with wall color & save the brights for “accents”. You’re so right about the importance of nourishing your soul – it’s the getaway, the santuary, the “room of one’s own.”


  3. Pix Under the Palm Fronds

    It looks cozy and happy! Comfortable and restorative. If I knew how to post to a comment section I would post our sunandmoon! I love it and have been wanting to move it to the bedroom above the bed. it’s in the dining room now. Good job with the shelf! I love your tealight holders. I have capiz shell chimes hanging from the AC vents and I find them very soothing. Fun post! You’ve inspired me.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Hmmm. I love capiz chimes but outdoors they seem to tangle so easily (at least the one I’ve seen) – indoors is a good idea. Thanks for your generous comment!



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