Photo #2 of my found hydrangea (plus a little introspection)

I know I just posted about my free hydrangea blooming but I felt I had to show it to you again. The first photo was June 27. Here it is today after lots of rain this week. It”s so beautiful it doesn’t seem real. I am besotted. How does such a color exist??

On June 27 the bloom looked like this. Nice, but clearly not at its peak.

See, I never thought I could have such beautiful things. I know it’s a plant not a thing but it fits a larger theme in my life. Growing up, beauty wasn’t appreciated in my family, not really. The vibe for pretty much everything was good enough. In fact, I think beauty for its own sake would have been, or was, considered suspect, frivolous even. It wasn’t about money but attitude.I had to grow up – in every sense – and embrace beauty, most especially as something I deserve, which has been the hardest part, and is ongoing. Anyway, these are a few of the thoughts I’ve been having, spurred by the presence of my stunning hydrangea, that had been left curbside for dead.

18 thoughts on “Photo #2 of my found hydrangea (plus a little introspection)

  1. mandy

    I love hydrangeas! Mine have always been blue shades to purple. I’ve been told that sprinkling Epsoms salt around the base and watering will turn them the pink color. Yours are gorgeous!

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Thanks! I knew the color had to do with soil acidity but I don’t think I knew about Epsom salts specifically. I tend to just accept whatever color they turn out! How did yours do this year? Few of mine bloomed at all.

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  2. Maggie Wilson

    my home experience was similar – function over form – use it or loose it. And economy first. But we did have flower beds, and for that, I am grateful.

    Thanks for sharing the insanely gorgeous pink.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Insanely gorgeous is a great descriptor Maggie. Good point about “function over form” in childhood; looking back on my own, I ‘m thinking a lot of the “function” wasn’t so great either.

      (You’ve reminded me my mother’s flower of choice was orange day lilies. 😐Oh, and azaleas which I did love.)

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