White lights magic

I saw people entertaining in their yard this summer in the evening. They had white lattice around the yard and white string lights gleaming through them. It was delightful! It made me want to be there, never mind that I’m not really one for social gatherings and parties, and knowing that pretty lights would only take me so far.πŸ˜•

There’s just something about white lights. They are so charming and make it seem as if wonderful events are about to occur.

Three years ago I posted a photo here of beautiful white lights the town had strung in the “center” or “town square” for the holidays. It had not been done before. I was totally enchanted. This was after a rain so the lights reflected even more.


To my VERY happy surprise they have continued to decorate with these lights. I like to just go stand in the midst of them, ideally when nobody much else is around, just to take it in. This shot from another vantage, taken with a less-capable tablet, doesn’t quite do them justice (as anybody local who might read this post would likely know), but it gives you the idea.


p.s. Those benches are approximately as comfortable as they look

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